Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Week 51 Zone Leader in Novato with Elder Moniz

June 27, 2016 Family, Another week down! Only like a week and a half and then I hit my year mark! It's nuts. I can't believe it. It doesn't feel like I have been out for that long. Crazy I only have one year of this left. It's not enough time! Anyways this week was good! Pday was fun last week, we went out to this light house called point Bonita or something like that I can't remember but it was really cool. We then went down to Sausalito and checked out this cool sock place called Socksalito hahaha. That night we went and saw a less active and had a good lesson with her. Tuesday was district meeting, it was a good last one, and we had the zone leaders come down for it. I'm just thankful that we don't have to teach district meetings this next transfer. That afternoon we did some finding then had dinner with a part member family and taught the young daughter about baptism because she is getting baptized soon. Wednesday we went and did service at the food bank and then did some finding that night too. Thursday we had two different services for the morning and afternoon, and had to go up to Santa Rosa that night and we didn't have a dinner so we went and got sushi while we were up there at an all you can eat place. We got our mini that day and he was so cool! He is from Middletown, the place that basically burned to the ground in September of last year. Friday we did service as a zone then did our planning that afternoon. We took him Tracting in the morning and got some doors slammed in our face and he actually liked it.. It was really strange. But he was happy to be there and we got along with him great. He was much better than the one from the previous week. We had dinner with a woman that has been actively coming to the Novato ward for 32 years and never baptized. We all pretty much said why the heck have you not been baptized?! We are still working on it; me and Moniz are motivated to baptize her before the end of the transfer. She needs to JUST DO IT. That night we went to the bridge to contact and do suicide prevention. It was so windy and one sisters glasses flew off the side of the bridge! Haha super funny but also too bad for her. Saturday was good too, we had the basketball in the morning, then studied, then tried to do a service with the zone but it cancelled so we all just didn't really know what to do. We had to be in Santa Rosa the rest of the night for the mini mission thing so that's how we ended our Saturday. Sunday was good, church and we visited a family with the ward mission leader that afternoon, had a good visit. Also me and Moniz are staying together! Thanks for everything! Elder Hatch Who knew that McKay liked Sushi? Thanks to Elder Moniz grandma for hooking them up with good food. She tells me he likes spam musubi too.

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