Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 45 Moving to Novato

May 16, 2016 Family, Well, transfers are upon us and the news is..... I'm going to Novato! I leave tomorrow morning so it should be fun! My new companion is Elder Moniz, he is Poly, has been out for about 17 months or so, and apparently is really athletic, like playing football for Oregon level. So it should be a fun time. I'm excited to have a companion that is older than me finally other than my trainers! So that will be nice. Elder Taylor is staying here in Woodland and he is getting elder McKinley, who I served with before. They will do well. But I a, ready for a new comp and area. I really love Elder Taylor and Woodland but it's just time for a change. I should have a good time in Novato! Novato is down by the bay, just below Petaluma and just above San Rafael. It's in Marin county, which is the richest county in America, from what I've heard. So I'm sure it will have pros and cons about that! Monday was a pretty good day. We did the usual Pday stuff and then we did some finding during the night. Tuesday we had district meeting, but we got switched districts mid transfer because there is one Hermana that doesn't speak English very well so they made a Spanish district, and we got switched back to the English district. It was strange. But that afternoon we did some finding, then had a lesson and dinner with a guy in our ward and his 10 year old son that we are teaching. That night we went on splits and saw an inactive lady that is 86, really nice. She told us about her husband who is 98 and he was in the death march, and Japanese prison camps and stuff. It's so crazy. His story was just like unbroken. Wednesday we went and had a lesson with Sean in the morning, then we went to the food bank in the afternoon, and had a lesson and dinner with this "investigator" guy. It was really good unfortunately he isn't interested but we had a good time. Thursday we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Achal, my super cool DL. He is such a good guy, and we had a lot of fun. A bunch of crazy saga's and weird stuff happened. We did service staining a playground in the morning, did some finding during the day, and then we went and did service at the senior center in woodland. After that we went on splits and me and Elder Achal both had inspiration to go to the same place! It was super cool. And the guy I was with and I thought to go to the same 3 people in a row and we didn't ask each other beforehand. Super cool! It was good to be with Elder Achal for the day. Friday we had our weekly planning, and did a bunch of finding during the night. Saturday we did service in winters in the morning, then came back and had two lessons in the afternoon, then did some more finding during the night. Also we got the transfer info that night too! So that Saturday was a long one. Sunday was good too. Elder Taylor spoke in sacrament meeting, and he did a good job. We went to try and see some families in the afternoon then had dinner with a family with 8 kids, all under the age of 13... Wow! They are a well oiled machine! Pretty crazy. Today has been not too bad either. I am currently sitting in a hospital cause elder Taylor has an eye appointment. Also I can't believe that all 4 of the new babies are girls! That is so crazy! I'm only used to having nephews now I come home to 4 new nieces? Absolutely insane! It should be fun though! I know that you are having a good time with it mom. In conclusion, Woodland has been good to me. The ward is awesome, the people are awesome, and I've had a good time. Also, I am excited for Novato. I have heard that my comp likes to get up at 5 AM to work out though so I'm not too thrilled about that. We will see how that goes. But I will have a poly comp so that will be cool. Also I can't wait for the new babies to come! It will be exciting. Love, Elder Hatch

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