Thursday, July 26, 2012

July 2012

This summer has been very full. In June we took the family to Yellowstone for the first time. It was beautiful with all the trees, rivers, lakes, and wildlife. We took some super pictures and spent many hours in the car. We stayed in a cabin in Island Park just outside of Yellowstone. The last morning we woke up to snow. Crazy weather. The final day was forever long. If felt like we drove thousands of miles. But it was the last day in the park and we hit Jackson Hole on the way home as well. We were glad to finally make it back to our own house. The kids have been on several hikes this summer. They have hiked Grandeur Peak, Subway, and Mount Olympus. Way to go guys. McKay spent a week in St. George for a basketball camp. He seemed to enjoy himself and got to know some of the other players as well. He also spent a week at EFY with Josie, Kate, and Andy. They went to Weber State this year. They seemed to have a great time. They have met some new friends and hope to stay in touch with them. I was called as Stake Camp Director and spent a week up at girl's camp. It was a fun time. Joy in the Journey was the theme. There were many spiritual moments mixed in with good food and fun. The favorite was the "Faith Walk" followed by crafts and skits. The girls were most delightful this year and made it a lot of fun. We moved Gary's mother up to Salt Lake in April. She lives close by us so we visit with her ofthen. It is good to be able to help out with her care. When I go back to school I won't be able to help as much but will still try to visit several times a week. Tommy is now 18 months old and very cute. He has a great personality and loves to come visit. I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time with him and have a wonderful relationship with him. He still struggles to say Nana but we are still working on it. I will post a few of his 18 month pictures.
Madison graduated from the University of Utah in May. She is now a registered Pharmacist. She is working at McKay Dee Hospital for a year and then she will see what life brings her after that.
Here are the boys at Subway.