Monday, November 23, 2009

Week 58 Meeting L. Tom Perry and Good Bye to a good friend

Well it was fun to have L. Tom Perry in town this week and be able to meet him and shake his hand. Although the Prophet had to stay back we were still able to meet Elder Perry so that was pretty sweet. He is a really nice guy and he looked at me and said, "Well you're a small lad aren't you?" He gave a really good talk and talked about loving your companion and continuing to work hard. President Monson did a satellite broadcast and talked about rescuing the lost. It was really cool. This meeting was just for missionaries. It was cool because it was 100 missionaries and Elder Perry in a chapel. Pretty amazing. There was another conference on Sunday for all of Hawaii and we did have some investigators at that so hopefully that strengthens their testimony.
Well we had transfers this week and got a couple of new sisters in our zone which is exciting. Oh so I have a funny story, so we were at the mission office and they had a brand new car with 7 miles on it for our zone. Yes I said 7!! And so Elder Wootton and I were like huh that would be sweet to have the new one and the assistants were standing right there and they were like just go talk to Elder Miles I am sure he would assign it to you. So we were like ok so we did and we got the brand new one and one of the sister companionships got our other one which was still pretty new so we have yet another new car.
Well other big news for this week, we were talking to the Samoan ward bishop and he was like ya there is this girl who we can't find her records let's get her baptised. So we were like ok sounds good we will do it. So we went and talked with her and her mom and set a date for Nov. 28 so that should be pretty good. Her name is Sam and she is 12. She is really smart and is really excited to get baptised.
So this week we have interviews and also the Ap's have decided to come on exchanges with us this week. Hurray, some elders to be around instead of all of these sisters. Interviews should be good and I always enjoy any time I can have with President Peterson one on one. It will be a nice break. Then Thanksgiving is just like any other work day so we will do the best we can to make appointments and things like that. Well that is probably long enough for this week. I love you all so much and look forward to hearing from you next week.


A fond farewell to the Buckholz family who are moving to Utah.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just some fun pictures

Elder Hatch, Elder Ngatuvai, Elder Wootton
Hump Day Camels


Recent Convert
Recent Convert and his roommates

Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 57 Special Visitor

Aloha family,

Well things this week were good. Not a whole lot to report on. We had transfers this week and I found our that Elder Wootton and I get to stay here together for another transfer so that should be fun. We will be here through the holiday season. We are both really excited for this up coming six weeks. So this week we will have a chance to go and hear the Prophet. It should be really neat. It will just be President Monson and 100 missionaries so that will be exiting. In other news our baptism got postponed to January but we have to do things out of respect for the family. Elder Wootton and I almost hit our goal of 20 lessons this week and had 18 lessons. So close. That is quite a few lessons for one week here so we are going to keep uping it and keep improving. I really can't belive it is the holiday season already again. It seems like it was just last Christmas but I guess time flies when you are working hard. I love my mission so much. Well I think that is it for this week. I love you all so very much and appreciate all of your support.


We found out he broke his hand when he was moving a few weeks ago. He didn't go in right after he broke it. When he did go in they gave him a splint to help keep it stable. He said it didn't last long. President Monson, Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Richard J. Maynes will spend two hours with the missionaries in Oahu on Friday. That is going to be an incredible experience for the missionaries. I told Zach not to forget his camera.

He told us it has been raining a ton there and he is constantly wet. He said he never feels like he is completely dry. He wants us to tell all the ward members thank you for their letters and packages. He really appreciates it all but has no time to write back. Somehow he ripped a hole in a pair of his pants. I guess Sister Eubanks is trying to repair them but they may be beyond repair. He also told us their apartment had a case of bed bugs. They had to spray the beds for several days to kill them all. He said it was pretty grose.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Week 56

Well another week has gone and I can't believe it. Well this week was pretty good. We taught a good amount of lessons and commited someone for baptism. Her name is Jayce. She is 12 years old and is really neat. She will be baptised on Thanksgiving Day so that should be a really nice Thanksgiving gift. She is really into it and she usually takes notes.
Not much else to report on. Transfers are next week so we will see what happens. He has been there for two transfers now so it is possible he will get moved. We hope he stays put for the holidays. He and his companion are getting along really well and are making a lot of contacts there. We got a small package with some pictures in it, a camera chip, an audio tape, and some hawaiian memorabilia. He can't believe he has been out 13 months. The time goes so fast. He really loves his mission and all the great people he is meeting with. There is some big news but I can't spill the beans until next week so stay tuned.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 55

Not to much to report on this week. Our mission is doing really well right now. We currently have 115 people with a baptism date, 11 of those are here in the Laie Zone so that is pretty sweet. Also we have 4 people baptised in our zone this week so that was good as well. We are actually planning to commit one of our investigators tonight.
Well Halloween was pretty exciting well actually it was quite crazy. They love Halloween here and everyone goes all out for it. People thought we were BYU students dressed up like elders for Halloween and we were like uh no we are the real deal we do the work and everything so that was pretty funny. We actually saw the Mission President because his son goes to BYU and has a kid, so Pres was out trick or treating with his grandson. It was pretty funny. We had a goods time. We had dinner with this family and taught them a lesson and then we went and spent some time with Buckholz. They are really amazing people and have been so good to me. I am really going to miss them. I know I will see them in Utah though so that will be good. I think he is actually going to try and sell cars. Our new place is great and the members are nice and take care of us but its just not the same as the Buckholz. I love you all and will talk to you next week.


In his google mail he told us that he and his comp are getting along great. They play tennis about 3 times a week. The tennis coach said he would give them lessons if they would work with his kid on piano. He is really enjoying working in Laie. Mark Eubank gave him some ties so he tells us he is wearing TV famous ties now. Wow, two months until we get the Christmas phone call and get to hear his voice again. It will be so sweet. He is working hard and seems to be doing well. Thanks for all your love and support. If you want to send him a holiday package it is best to use the priority mail boxes. It will save you a bunch of money. There is no weight limit and they come in all sizes. Anyway until next week. ALOHA

Sunday, November 1, 2009