Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 55

Not to much to report on this week. Our mission is doing really well right now. We currently have 115 people with a baptism date, 11 of those are here in the Laie Zone so that is pretty sweet. Also we have 4 people baptised in our zone this week so that was good as well. We are actually planning to commit one of our investigators tonight.
Well Halloween was pretty exciting well actually it was quite crazy. They love Halloween here and everyone goes all out for it. People thought we were BYU students dressed up like elders for Halloween and we were like uh no we are the real deal we do the work and everything so that was pretty funny. We actually saw the Mission President because his son goes to BYU and has a kid, so Pres was out trick or treating with his grandson. It was pretty funny. We had a goods time. We had dinner with this family and taught them a lesson and then we went and spent some time with Buckholz. They are really amazing people and have been so good to me. I am really going to miss them. I know I will see them in Utah though so that will be good. I think he is actually going to try and sell cars. Our new place is great and the members are nice and take care of us but its just not the same as the Buckholz. I love you all and will talk to you next week.


In his google mail he told us that he and his comp are getting along great. They play tennis about 3 times a week. The tennis coach said he would give them lessons if they would work with his kid on piano. He is really enjoying working in Laie. Mark Eubank gave him some ties so he tells us he is wearing TV famous ties now. Wow, two months until we get the Christmas phone call and get to hear his voice again. It will be so sweet. He is working hard and seems to be doing well. Thanks for all your love and support. If you want to send him a holiday package it is best to use the priority mail boxes. It will save you a bunch of money. There is no weight limit and they come in all sizes. Anyway until next week. ALOHA

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