Monday, November 16, 2009

Week 57 Special Visitor

Aloha family,

Well things this week were good. Not a whole lot to report on. We had transfers this week and I found our that Elder Wootton and I get to stay here together for another transfer so that should be fun. We will be here through the holiday season. We are both really excited for this up coming six weeks. So this week we will have a chance to go and hear the Prophet. It should be really neat. It will just be President Monson and 100 missionaries so that will be exiting. In other news our baptism got postponed to January but we have to do things out of respect for the family. Elder Wootton and I almost hit our goal of 20 lessons this week and had 18 lessons. So close. That is quite a few lessons for one week here so we are going to keep uping it and keep improving. I really can't belive it is the holiday season already again. It seems like it was just last Christmas but I guess time flies when you are working hard. I love my mission so much. Well I think that is it for this week. I love you all so very much and appreciate all of your support.


We found out he broke his hand when he was moving a few weeks ago. He didn't go in right after he broke it. When he did go in they gave him a splint to help keep it stable. He said it didn't last long. President Monson, Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Richard J. Maynes will spend two hours with the missionaries in Oahu on Friday. That is going to be an incredible experience for the missionaries. I told Zach not to forget his camera.

He told us it has been raining a ton there and he is constantly wet. He said he never feels like he is completely dry. He wants us to tell all the ward members thank you for their letters and packages. He really appreciates it all but has no time to write back. Somehow he ripped a hole in a pair of his pants. I guess Sister Eubanks is trying to repair them but they may be beyond repair. He also told us their apartment had a case of bed bugs. They had to spray the beds for several days to kill them all. He said it was pretty grose.

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