Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Good Bye Miss Gracie

Tuesday July 23rd we had to let our sweet Miss Gracie out of her pain. She was a great dog for our family. She was with us for 12 years. I remember when the kids took us to Cottonwood Mall to show us a dog. They wanted a dog so badly that they had to do some mighty fine sweet talking to get their parents to agree. The kids succeeded and Miss Gracie came home to live with us. She was a very intelligent dog and was the top of her class in puppy school. Whenever the teacher wanted to show a specific skill she would ask for Miss Gracie to demonstrate it. When she was healthy she loved to play catch with the tennis ball, go for walks and take detours in the streams, and watch people as they would pass by the yard. She had her own special place in the yard we call "Gracie Point." She knew several tricks including bang, sit, down, roll, speak, stay and leave it. She was very loyal to her family and we always felt safe having her around. She tolerated her little sister Ruby but was never really happy about having to share with her. On her last day we took her up the canyon to wade in the creek and enjoy one last truck ride. While at the creek she taught Ruby to get in the water, something we hadn't been successful with. She has left our family but not our memories. We will always love Miss Gracie!

A big thanks to Dr. Jerry Osguthorpe and staff for their kindness and patience during our difficult time. They were amazing!