Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 49 First Major Injury

June 13, 2016 Family, Hey! Good to see that you are all out having fun in Panguitch! I really miss being there and it sounds like you are all having a lot of fun! I wish I could be there but, I know I'm needed here! Plus, if the plan goes right I should be able to go next year with you guys! Anyways, we had a pretty good week this week. Monday we went out to the beach for one of the Hermanas birthday, it was super fun, the whole zone was there and a couple of guys brought stuff and cooked up some burgers and hot dogs for everyone. That night we had dinner with a cool family in our ward and they had that same Hermana over so they had cake and stuff. We did FHE with them afterward and one of the sons had his nonmember friend there with him, so that was cool too. Tuesday we had district meeting, we had the ZL's and one of the assistants there with us. It was a good meeting, really fun and there was a ton of people there haha like 13 in a district meeting. That day I went on exchanges with Elder Schaefer, who I was in the MTC with! So that was pretty cool. We are in the same district and his MTC comp, Elder Waites, is also in the zone. So all we need is my MTC comp, Elder brooks, to come here with us! But it's super fun having them with me in the zone. Me and Elder Schaefer visited a less active that is huge into basketball, and also likes ping pong, so it's like my perfect house. We were able to talk with the guy for a while about basketball, talk about his mission, play some ping pong, and just BRT(build a relationship of trust). We invited him to basketball on Saturday morning but alas, he didn't show. We will get him there eventually. That night we had dinner with an older couple in the ward that lets us do our laundry at their house, and the guy told us stories for like an hour and a half haha. Super funny guy he just really wanted to keep talking haha. That night we went and saw another LA in the ward. It was a pretty good day. Wednesday morning we tried to do some more finding but got lost and couldn't find the address so it was pretty frustrating. We went and had a waffle party down at the other elders apartment, since we have the stuff and they have a waffle maker. We are instituting "Waffle Wednesday" here on Wednesdays. I'm pretty pumped about it. We did service at the food bank that afternoon and then had dinner with a really cool family in the ward. Thursday we did service for the CrossFit gym, then did service at the food bank too. We do a lot of service here. We visited some of our other less active families and then had dinner. That night we had correlation with our bomb awesome WML, Brother Gruwell. Friday we went and saw some more LA's in the morning, then did our weekly planning in the afternoon. The sisters were jealous of our waffles and we didn't have a dinner appointment so we made waffles at the church. That night we saw a woman in our ward that hasn't come for a little while, and it was good to see her. She is from Haiti I think. A ton of people in our ward are from a bunch of different places, like Fiji, Haiti, Africa, etc. It's pretty cool our gospel principles class is always so diverse. Saturday was a crazy day. We did basketball in the morning, a thing we do to try and get some of our investigators and less actives out for some fellowshipping with the EQ and stuff like that. It's for the whole stake so we usually have like 10-15 guys there, about half of which are missionaries. But for that one, there are two things to mention. First, an elder that I won't mention said I wouldn't dunk on him, so I did. Second, in a later play I sprained my ankle and so I was out for the rest of the time. When I sprained it, I heard a pop so I wasn't sure if I had sprained or broken it, but I was able to walk, which was a good sign. But, progressively throughout the day it started hurting more and more to the point I couldn't walk anymore. So we unfortunately had to stay in for part of the day. At the end of the day we went over to a members house, because lucky me he is a foot and ankle podiatrist. So I had him look at it to make sure it was a sprain and luckily for me that's all it was. But it still sucked haha. I thought for a minute that I had broken it and I just thought whether they were going to send me home for it haha. But as usual I was overreacting and thinking of the worst scenario and luckily it's just a sprain. I should be good to go in like 2-3 weeks. I can walk on it now which is nice but I'm not functioning like normal of course. Sunday we had church, and we taught the gospel principles class. Well, Elder Moniz did since he is much more knowledgeable about the gospel than me. We ate lunch then went and visited some more of our less active families and members. We had dinner with a cool part member family and then again visited a less active lady. It was a pretty good night though, and I was happy that my ankle wasn't hurting too bad. In other news, it's super sad to hear about all of those people killed in Orlando! That's so awful. It seems like every month now there is some sort of bombing, shooting, or killing or terrorist attack of some kind. It's almost becoming normal to hear about it now! I can't believe how horrible the world is becoming. But, it's cool to see that this has been prophesied of and has happened in scriptural times too. Anyways I love you guys so much! Have fun in Panguitch! And also, I'm wearing my polar bear shirt in your honor for good luck! Elder Hatch

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