Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 42 Stake Conference with Elder Bednar and other General Authorities

April 25, 2016 Family, Well it was a great weekend here! I got to go and have an all mission conference with Elder Bednar, Elder Soares of the presidency of the seventy, Bishop Davies of the presiding bishopric, and Elder Schmutz and Watkins of the seventy. It was solo cool. Elder Bednar is so awesome. He is really funny too. I thought he would be really stoic but he isn't, he is really a funny guy. Not really what I expected. But, he is very, very spiritual nonetheless. Monday was a good day. We went and had two on the spot lessons, one with a guy that we met once before, and another with a girl we found when looking for someone else. We knocked on her door and she told us that she had the worst day of her life that day. We taught about the Book of Mormon and set up a return appointment for Wednesday. We also saw or Vietnamese investigator and her husband. That was a good visit too. But they are a frustrating family. Fortunately they came to the conference with Elder Bednar. Tuesday was a pretty good day too. We saw the family we are teaching with the sisters, then we went and did some finding that night. After district meeting we went to this super good pub in woodland. Wednesday we had a lesson with Sean in the morning, then in the afternoon we did a bunch of finding. That night we had a bunch of lessons. One with the girl that we found on Monday night. We had an awesome first lesson with her and brother Dennis came for that. It was like the perfect lesson. Committed her to baptism and everything. Super cool. Thursday was a full day of service. We went to the food bank then did mulching. We went to the super good sandwich place again. We had splits that night and correlation with the ward mission leaders. Friday we did planning, then finding, then had a lesson with a recent convert. Saturday was the conference with Elder Bednar. That was awesome. We had to get up at 5 to start driving at 6 to be there on time. We got back at around 4:30 and helped Sean move to his new place. That night we saw one of the PM families that we are teaching. It went well. They came to the conference with Elder Bednar too. So that was good. Sunday was the Bednar conference and that was pretty awesome. We had a bunch of people come. The girl that we found on Monday and taught Wednesday came too! But after the meeting she texted us and told us she didn't want to meet anymore. Soooooo frustrating. It made me so mad. That has happened like 5 times in this area, where we have people ready to be baptized but then Satan gets to them. But, it is what it is. That's part of the job description. It was really a cool once in a lifetime experience to get to see Elder Bednar two days in a row like that. It just reaffirmed my testimony that he really is an apostle, and a prophet seer and revelator on the earth today. I even got to shake his hand! That was really cool. I am so lucky to be here for it. I can't wait to talk to you all in a couple of weeks! Also I am pretty much freaking out about all the new babies too. I'm still in shock. But anyways I am currently getting a haircut from another elder so we will see how that turns out. Thanks for everything! Love, Elder Hatch

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