Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 50 Mini Missionary Experience

June 20, 2016 Family, Another week down! Can't believe that this next week is the last week of the transfer already! It's kind of crazy actually. It has flown by. My year mark is rapidly approaching! Also, too bad about the Warriors game last night. I thought for sure they would pull it off! But LeBron was just too much for them. It was a good year, anyways. This week was pretty good, we had a mini missionary with us from Wednesday night to Saturday night. But before we got him on Tuesday we had a good district meeting, then we went and did some finding less actives, then had dinner with a really awesome family in the ward, the Smiths. They have a bunch of kids and the whole family is really missionary minded. That night we went and did some more finding of less actives. Wednesday we went and did service at the food bank in the afternoon, and that night we had a meeting in Petaluma to pick up our mini missionary and also to teach a little mini MTC thing they had for the mini missionaries. We had a mini missionary from Petaluma. He was pretty quiet, a really reserved kid, but, we think that we were able to get him out of his shell a little bit in his time with us. Since me and Elder Moniz like to have fun and joke around we think that it was good for him. Thursday morning we went and cleaned the CrossFit gym, then went and contacted some LA's before going to do service at the food bank that afternoon. We had dinner then went to do correlation at the ward mission leader’s house. Friday we had our weekly planning and went that night to a restaurant with a member and they brought their nonmember friend, we were able to teach him and give him a Book of Mormon and stuff, so that was really cool. That night we went to the bridge and contacted people and did suicide prevention. Saturday was a crazy day. We had basketball early that morning then headed straight to a service on Stinson beach doing a beach cleanup thing. Right after that we had lunch then went to help a member move. They live up like 4 flights of stairs and me and this one elder ended up taking all of the big stuff, even with my sprained ankle. Haha but it was funny, we headed straight up to Petaluma from there for the final meeting for the mini missionary thing. It was just one thing all right after the other all day Saturday, it flew by. Oh, and on Friday or Saturday (can't remember which) we found out that we are getting another mini missionary this upcoming week! This time it's for the Santa Rosa stake because there are too many youth and not enough missionaries. Sunday was good too, we taught Elder Moniz grandma on skype, really cool, and also met the sisters’ investigator, then went to the bridge to contact cause we knew everyone would be watching the game. But, it was a great week this week. It's weird that it's already down to only a week in the transfer left. Love you guys! Elder Hatch

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