Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 40 As long as we are trying, that is enough

April 11, 2016 Family, Well, sorry for the late email. My iPad email isn't working too well I promise I will write more and respond next week. But it was a good week. Really long though. Some of the other missionaries said the same thing. We think Satan is trying to get us down since Bednar is coming soon. Anyways Monday was ok. We did an FHE with some members of the ward. Tuesday we went and saw a bunch of members and stuff, we were able to go to a rest home and see this really old member and give her a BoM. She reminded me of granny but a lot more with it. That afternoon we saw one of our investigators and then had a lesson with our RC that night. Wednesday we went to Davis and did Graffiti Abatement which was good as always. We went and did some more ward finding that night. Thursday we want to the food bank and did service. That night we saw the family with the sisters that we are both teaching. Friday was a really good day. We saw Sean in the morning, then went and saw a former in the afternoon, and then we found the husband and son of a LA and had a good conversation/lesson with them. They had been drinking some so they weren't all with it but they were enough, we gave them BOM's and we are going to try and set something up for later this week. It was a really cool experience. Before that happened, we prayed before our finding that night. Elder Taylor had an idea to go see another investigator and I thought that we would go see this LA downhill e street while we were there. Turns out that she wasn't there but that those people were, plus their friend that grew up with Mormon friends, he was kind of that guy with all the Mormon friends that never got baptized. He hadn't even held a BOM and we were able to give him one. So that was cool. Saturday was weird too. These random people invited us to play baseball with them, so that was cool. They live in this random place called Arbuckle so that was unfortunate but a cool experience. Really random. We went to the Davis Elders baptism that day too. That night we went over to this sweet family’s house. Sunday, not a single investigator or recent convert came to church. Super frustrating. People just need to do it! But we had a good rest of the night. Today was fun too. We have a really good zone for bball again. I have been blessed to have people to play ball with in my zones. Apparently that isn't too common. In short it was a good week! Slow, but good. This is my first time being in an area for a 3rd transfer so it should be good. I hope to continue to improve but also know that I'm not perfect, that I can't do everything right all at once but that I can constantly improve. I take a lot of solace in that fact. Elder Holland really helped me to realize that we don't need to be perfect, but that as long as we are trying that that is enough. Love, Elder Hatch

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