Thursday, June 23, 2016

Week 47 Some great cooks in Novato

May 30, 2016 Family, Another week down and more adventures here in Novato! It has been a good week and Elder Moniz and I have had some good times here. Monday we like lost our phone all day so it was kind of stressful figuring things out and stuff but it was still a good Pday. Tuesday was a good day, we had district meeting in the morning, then we went on exchanges with the Spanish elders in our district after that. I went with a Spanish elder named Elder Crosley, who was actually in the MTC with Elder Rees, so he knows him. Pretty cool! It was fun to catch up and talk about Spencer haha. We had some good times and I was able to read one verse in Spanish in a lesson haha. At the end of that lesson it was actually really funny, I stood up and the lady like started saying something really fast in Spanish and then all the sudden she was hugging me! It was so strange I was so confused since I didn't understand any of it! But afterwards I found out that she was saying something about how I looked like her nephew or something like that so she had to hug me I guess! It was super funny. Also we were actually able to teach an awesome on the spot lesson with another lady that they were trying to find. Luckily she was English so I could participate! Wednesday we exchanged back and went to the food bank to help there for the afternoon. That night we gave a blessing to a member and her roommate in the recovery center/crazy old people place that she is at right now. It was pretty cool actually, her roommate is pretty interested. Oh, on Tuesday we went at 5:30 AM to the CrossFit gym, as well as on Thursday and Friday. It's really early and I hate it when I have to wake up but after we do it I am always glad that we did it. The people there are really nice too, and a bunch of them are some of our members. Thursday morning after the gym and studies, we went and did service at the gym, cleaning it. That's actually how we are able to use it haha. We then had lunch then did service at the food bank in the afternoon. That night we had dinner with a PM family that is super cool. We also saw an investigator that should become getting baptized as soon as he can.. Meaning that he has some other stuff he has got to take care of first. But hopefully it will happen while I am here. Friday we did weekly planning then had dinner with a super cool PM family that the wife makes the best cupcakes ever... So good. Saturday we went and had a blitz with the other elders, I went with Elder Cawley, super funny kid in our district. We saw the lady at the hospital again, saw some of our other investigators briefly and saw a member of the ward who said that his uncle was a teacher at cottonwood for like 50 years. Mr. Jackman I'm pretty sure. So that was a cool connection. Sunday was good too, we had church then went and saw the WML, who he and his wife are freaking hilarious people. We got some of the best cookies I've ever had from a member that is apparently famous for his healthy cookies. I don't know if they were healthy but they were delicious. Overall it has been a pretty good week. I am having a good time with Elder Moniz and we are having fun together. Love you all! Elder Hatch

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