Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 76 The Emotional Rollercoaster

Sorry about the last couple of weeks but things have been pretty hectic. I think the last week was one of the most emotional roller coasters I have been on. From becoming assistant, to getting ready for greenies, to picking them up, to transfer meeting seeing all my mission buddies, to going to presidents house with the missionaries going home, to the testimony meeting with them, to taking them to the airport to say goodbye to members, to sending them through security and waving them off, to taking more missionaries from other missions to the airport at 4 in the morning things have just been crazy and they are not going to be any better this coming week. We have interviews this week so we go around with president to those and do activities with the missionaries. Then next Monday is ZLC again so this time I will have to train at that and be apart of it rather than just go and learn. I have to prepare my training and stuff like that. Then the next week zone conferences start and we will be flying to the big island and from what I hear I will be able to go to the temple so I am pretty stoked about that.

Well not to say that I haven’t loved Sunday night before on the mission but now I really love them. We always go to presidents for dinner and do what we call the Sunday night wrap up to the week. It is so amazing it feels like just being home with family and eating with your family it is so amazing. Like all of you I am looking forward to conference and if I am not mistaken I get to watch it at presidents house. I am not positive on that but I am pretty sure that is where we will end up for it. I know that we will spend part of conference weekend with our ward because being in a Tongan ward, if there is an event it gives them a reason to get together and have food so we will go eat with them.

Other than that I don’t think there is anything that is really new since I emailed on Thursday. I look forward to conference this week end and can’t believe that I am almost at 18 months. Man how time flies. Sorry this is so short but there is nothing else to write about. Well I love you all so much and will talk to you again whenever I get a chance.

Ofa lahi atu


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Joan said...

Sister Peterson is just as amazing as Pres. Peterson and he will get extra attention now that he is serving so close with them. It will make up for the extra stress he is under.