Monday, March 15, 2010

Week 74 Zach moves into a trailer

We didn't get an email from Zach today. He told us he will not be emailing on a consistant basis anymore. With his new assignment he really doesn't have a p-day and will send us information when he can.

This is what we do know. He will be living in a trailer in the parking lot of the tabernacle. He is back in a Tongan ward again and loves that. He gets to drive a truck now which he is so excited about. Squeezing into a Corolla was a bit difficult. His new companion is Elder Medeiros. Zach thinks they will be together for quite a while. Zach has been referring to the AP's as his buddies since he served in Honolulu. So he is excited to be comps with Elder Medeiros now. He was called on Saturday, but the rest of the mission won't find out until Tuesday. So they are keeping him in hiding. He said he isn't to easy to hide though being as big as he is. He is really looking forward to working with President Peterson and the other senior couples. He is also excited to meet with the missionaries throughout the mission. He said that because of the schedule they keep that many of the standard mission rules are a bit flexible for him. He still will have to be a good example and serve with love and dedication.

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