Thursday, March 25, 2010

Week 75 Transfers, Greenies, and Cottage Meetings

Holy crap another week down and the stress level is still up haha. This week has truly been crazy. Well I guess I haven't filled you in for like a week and a half so I will back up little bit. Last week was insane as well. We had to get all of the transfer instuctions, needs preparations,new leadership packets, greenie info, greenie packets, rosters for housing, checklists and everything else that goes into transfers prepared so that this week would go smoothly. We spent a lot of time with Pres. making sure that everything was in order for him as well. Last week we had what we call a "cottage meeting" which is were people from the Kaneohe, Honolulu and Hon-west zones invite their investigators to come to the Presidents and he has a couple of recent converts speak to all of the investigators. It is really neat but it is some work for us to make sure that the program is ready to go and that all the chairs are set up at his house and that everything is ready to go. It is always so neat though and the speakers are always so good. I am pretty sure a majority of the people who go to those get baptised. Anyway enough about that back to the crazy week. Sorry I didn't email on Monday but we spent the whole day making preperations with President for the upcoming transfers as well as for the transfer meeting today. It was good we actually got a lot of things done and were able to get a bunch of things in order.
Then Tuesday came and we had to make sure that all preparations were done and then go pick up the greenies. Man that was an interesting experience going back to the airport and seeing those brand new missionaries come out and look so excited and so ready to serve. It brought back lots of memories for me from the beginning of my mission. Then we took them to President's house and had sort of a devotional. President did some orienting and some other things and let us train them a little bit and give them some words of advice and some council. It was kind of neat to be in that spot and be able to share some of my thoughts and some of my wisdom per say. Then we watched a baptismal dvd of baptisms from the mission which was very powerful and made me emotional of course and the last picture of the dvd was the picture of me and the 8 people that got baptised that one day in Wahiawa.Pres turneed to me and asked me, Elder Hatch how does it feel to baptise 8 people in one day. I told him it is indescribable and an amazing feeling. The whole group was crying it was very spiritual.
Then this morning we picked them up at Presidents, had breakfast with them and brought them to transfer meeting. It was really good to see so many of my mission friends again and be able to feel their love again and feel their trust for me as their new assistant. I didn't have any one give me crap just their love and expressed how grateful they were for me. It was great to know that the mission supported me and that they stood behind me. We had a transfer meeting and then after we trained the greenies a little bit more we sent them on their way to their areas. Things finally started to calm down a little bit and I had a second to write you. So that is pretty much what has been going on. Now for the rest of the week. We will go meet with the missionaries that are going home tomorrow. We will take them to the airport and send them off which is weird because the sisters that are going home are the sisters that I came out with. WEIRD!!! But it should be fun. Then we will run around like crazy for the rest of the week making sure all preperations are made for this coming week when interviews start. Man it just never ends the days just fly by so fast and we are constantly going. Well I think that is it for now. I will try and write on Monday and I should be able to. I love you all

Ofa Lahi Atu


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Joan said...

It is fun to hear what happens behind the scenes and all the hard work they do to make things happen for the missionaries.