Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 73 Waipahu is Progressing

Well this week was pretty uneventful but I will give a brief report and then try to answer some of your questions. This week was a little bit slow for our area but really good for our zone. We have 24 people with a date right now so that is good. Elder Malan and I have 3 of them so we are trying to do our part even in a really slow area. We committed those 3 this week and they are scheduled to get baptized on the 20 of March so we will see what happens. It has been really windy this past week and kind of rainy which is weird for Ewa Beach. Usually it is really dry and hot but it has been a nice change. My comp says he is freezing which I just can't understand because it is still like 85 degrees and at night like 70. I lay in bed and sweat and he is in a hoodie and sweatpants bundled under a blanket. I still think its bloody hot but that's just me. We are looking forward to this coming week though. We are having zone conference and I always look forward to zone conference. It is such an amazing experience and I learn so much everytime we get to go. It is also good to see my buddies the assistants and president. I love seeing them and feeling of their spirit while they are here. Other than that things have been pretty typical. Just still at the grind stone doing my very best to build up this zone and this area.
To answer a few of your questions yes I have eatin at Hukilau and it is really good. The missonaries always eat free there. I haven't had poi in a while but I do love tarrow which poi is made out of. Actually I like tongan tarrow the best. I did meet one of grandpa's friends President Wantanabe and he took me to see grandpa's old neighborhood and house. It was kind of funny to be at his old house and to think that a lot of the family had been there. It is an amazing view from where he lived it overlooked Pearl Harbor. Really neat. I also found out which chapel he went to and stuff so it was pretty cool to see it. I think that is everything for this week I am going to try and send some more pictures home soon. I need to take more so that is one of my goals to take more pictures. Well I love you all so much and hope that you have a good week.

Ofa atu


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