Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Important Phone Call at Rite Aide

It was 11:57 a.m.,we were picking up some medication at Rite Aide when my phone rang. I looked at caller ID and it read Pres. Peterson. I knew it was a call from Hawaii. President Peterson called to tell us he had called Zach to be his assistant. He will be working closely with President Peterson and the office staff much like a couselor to a bishop. He will be helping with the transition of new mission presidents in July. I think his companion will be Elder Nalu Medeiros. Zach has a lot of respect for Elder Medeiros. With his new call he will be required to fly to all of the islands to facilitate zone conferences. Can you say "Big Guy in a little plane?" He has not been to the Big Island yet,but it will be a new adventure for him. We are very proud of his service so far. He has shown great humility in serving and has really grown to love the people of Hawaii. Well now he's on to a whole new set of challenges and blessings.


Joan said...

He will be great!!! Tell him congrats from us!

Wonderful World of Elder Woodside said...

Great news. He is an amazing missionary!!