Monday, February 1, 2010

Week 68 Zone Conference brings an unusual teaching moment

We had zone conference this week so that was good. We watched all the PMG DVDs. Those are always good to watch and I learn so much from them. This zone conference was really long but it was really good. I learned so much. I had a scary moment though. I was sitting there and we were getting ready to do a role play. The Zone leaders usaully go around and listen to other companionships do the role plays, but this time Pres. came and sat next to me and said, "OK, teach me." It was a little nerve racking, but I did it. He told me he was extremely impressed. He said he didn't know anything I could improve on which I find hard to believe. I was talking to the assistants and I guess I was the only one that had to role play with him this transfer. Oh by the way transfers will be this coming week so by next week I will know what will be happeniong and stuff. I hope I stay with eteaki. I love that kid so much. He is the man.
Other than that it was a pretty typical week. I know that my email didn't go through last week. It must be lost in cyberspace somewhere. Anyway we had a baptism last week it was really good. He was a guy from Iran. His name is Ashkan and he is 32 years old. We are having another baptism this friday for a black guy named Joe Jackson. He has been clean from drugs and is ready to be baptised. I will let you know how it goes. Other than that my comps and I are doing well. I am excited to see what happens this up coming week. Thanks for all of your support.


He sent us some pictures that I will post here. You will see that he has gotten bigger. Not only has he put on a few pounds he has grown taller. He tells us he is about 6'8" tall now. He has to duck through most doorways and duck under ceiling fans. He gets asked everyday how tall he is.

He sent us a package by slowboat about 6 weeks ago and it may be lost at sea. He tells us it has some great recipes in it. So hopefully we get it soon. McKay is excited for it to come. He gets the worn out backpack that Zach is sending home.

He is teaching a family of 5 that have set a date for baptism for Feb 27th. He is very excited about them and their enthusiasm in learning the gospel. The work is really moving forward in Honolulu.

He told us that a lot of the missionaries that were there for his first year are all going home. He is now one of the old missionaries there. He told us it is really weird to be meeting all the new missionaries. He loves it though and still has a great missionary spirit.

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Joan said...

Holy Cow...6' 8"!!! MaryAnn even you are going to feel short next to him now. I guess he was just trying to fit in with the Hawaiians...I hope that doesn't mean that Nathan will get shorter to fit in with his people. :)