Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 71 Back to the Basics

Well as you can see from the heading from my email I have taken my zone back to the basics in the way they do missionary work. I made that our zone theme for this transfer so I am pretty excited to see what happens. I was talking to Elder Eteaki on the phone last night and we decided between our two zones we want to get half of vision 100 in the month of March. So that would be 50 baptisms between our two zones. So we will see what happens we are going to try and unite our efforts as much as possible even though we are in different zones. As for my area this was a really good week. My companion and I taught a total of 22 lessons which is really good. Our goal is to teach 20 a week. The week I got here they only taught 11 so we are seeing some big improvements.
So it was pretty funny this week in church. We were sitting there in sacrament meeting and this poly couple with their two little kids and sit next to us. Me loving little kids and loving polys started to play with the kids. Then after church I started talking to them and found out that it was Nia Fotu's sister and brother in law. We are going to their house again tomorrow so that will be fun. They are realy cool people. Hopefully I can build a good relationship and get to know him and his family better. Just a funny little story though.
Well I decided that I wanted to do something to start uniting the zone more so we did a zone car wash on Saturday morning and it was a huge success. We had like 15 referrals from it and like 5 return appointments, which is really good. The zone really came together and united themselves. I was so happy they are finally getting along and working together. It was really cool though because before I left Honolulu the assistants told me they would come and visit me on a regular basis. I got along really well with them in Honolulu and they became some of my best friends,so it was really cool to see them show up at our finding activity. I really love those guys they are like my brothers.
So I finally got to meet one of our 2 investigators we currently have in this area. I am working on trying to find more. She is this local lady that is really cool but we haven't been able to get in contact with her since I have been here. The work in this area has been quite slow lately so we are trying to get things picked up. Hopefully we see some good turn around in the next couple of weeks . I think I am going to try and do a few exchanges this up coming week with a few of the companionships so I get a better idea of what is going on in their areas. Other than that it was a pretty typical week. Talked to a few drunk guys told them we can't drink and walked away. Well just like always I love you all so much and miss you like crazy but there is no place I would rather be right now.
Ofa atu


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