Monday, February 8, 2010

Week 69 He gets transferred to Waipahu

Well aloha family,

Well you will all be shocked at this news as much as I was. I am off to Waipahu Zone and I will serve in a towm called Ewa Beach. I was completely blown away and really quite sad. I have really enjoyed being with Elder Eteaki. I am excited to go but also nervous. I was just confused at first because I had just got here and I had only been with Elder Eteaki one transfer. But it is the Lord's will not mine. Wherever the Lord needs me to go I will go.

Other than that we had a baptism this week. It was for a guy named Joe Jackson. He has been investigating the church for like 2 years and he finally is living the word of wisdom so he could get baptized. He is a really cool guy not completely there but he had a desire to be baptised. He had done lots of drugs in his life so that makes his mind a little slow. He has been trying so hard for so long and now he is finally able to. I was grateful to be apart of it. As for our other investigastors we have 9 with a date but none of them will be getting baptised until after I leave but you know you don't always get to reap what you harvest.I am excited for this new area though and see what I can do to help them. I hope I can do what the pres wants me to do. Elder Eteaki said he wishes he could just end his mission because he can't get another comp like me but I say he is full of crap. I love that kid to death though and know that I have made a life long friend in him. I know that we will stay in contact forever. He has a girlfriend he wants to marry but he told me that now he has to wait for me to get home before he can get married. Man I love that kid he is the best. He has such a strong testimony and has a rough background I will tell you about someday. It is a miracle he is even on a mission but he is. I know that he and I are more than just companions we are a life long support system for each other and that is what it is all about. I think that is why we were put together. We needed to meet so that we could support each other through the hard times throughout life not just on the mission. The mission pres gave me permission to call him whenever I want and however often I want.

By the way sibling thanks for the package I loved it. Thanks Mom and Dad for the book. It is really cool and I really like it. I am so grateful to have such a great family.So many missionaries don't have the support that they need but I think I have enough to support a whole zone of missionaries. Well I think that is about it for this week. I love you all so much. Have a good week and I will email you from Ewa Beach next week and tell you about my new zone.

Ofa atu

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