Thursday, February 18, 2010

Week 1 Remodel Update

The remodeling is coming along well. The concrete walls are gone and most of the debris has gone to the dump. They have knocked down my bedroom wall so that all that separates the bedroom from the construction is plastic sheeting. The new floor for our bedroom extension is in. The new steel beam that holds up the house is in as well. The progress is great and I can't believe how much has been done in a week. I will keep posting pictures and updates as the work progresses.

The makings of the new floor for our master bedroom. Soon to be the closet and new shower. (The top of the picture, not the wood plank. LOL)

Preview of new room in the basement.
Another view new room. Pretty dusty still.

New I-Beam

Support beams for new I-bEAM.

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onlymehere said...

Do you also run the Missionary Moms blog? Just curious. Do transfers come every 3 weeks or when? Sorry this is all so new to me. This remodel is going to be so nice when it's finished!