Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Week 67 Ashkan is baptised

Zach didn't write much this week. Not sure why but the big email didn't come through this week. So here is a summary of what we know. He had a baptism this week of a fellow from Iran. His name is Ashkan and Zach said he was pretty much a golden contact. They also committed a sister to baptism for the first part of February. Their zone is doing really well and has many people committed to baptism.

Zach said the city of Honolulu is quite a bit different from anywhere else he has served. It is a lot of high rise buildings and not as many houses and families. He said it isn't as scary as he thought it might be. He does get to go to Manoa which he loves. But he is really loving getting to know this new area. He tells us it is hard being a ZL and training a greenie at the same time. His two companions are large lads as well. I am not sure how they fit in their little Corolla.

Gary and I got to go to dinner with the Buckholz family and the Wootton family this past week. Zach lived in the Buckholz apartment in Hawaii and was companions with Elder Wootton. It was pretty surreal to be eating dinner with people that had spent time with Zach. They shared stories with us about their conversion and about experiences they had had with the missionaries. We were so grateful to know they had taken care of our son and watched out for him. I am sure there is a bond of friendship that will last forever. We also had fun sharing stories with the Woottons about our sons adventures. It was a wonderful night. Thanks guys for coming and spending the evening with us.

Now for some mother's ramblings. Zach's mission has gone so quickly. I can't believe that he is on the downhill side of this. He has grown up so much and is learning so many great life lessons. I can't express how powerful a mission is in a young man's life. Yes, I have missed him but there is no way I could have taught him the things he has been able to learn and experience on his mission. Besides, how else could you afford to live in Hawaii. He has got less than 9 months left on his big adventure. We are already beginning to look into college life for him and getting things ready for his return. I can't believe it. I am so glad that he has had a wonderful mission president who serves with humility. Zach has learned so much from him. Thanks for all your love, prayers, and support. We sure feel it as a family.

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