Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Week 25 Christmas in the Mission Field

December 28, 2015 Family, It was so good to talk to all of you! Seriously, it was the best Christmas present I could have asked for. Sorry I didn't really send y'all anything... I don't know what to get or when to get it but if you guys are ever wanting anything from Cali let me know, I can hook it up. But anyways thanks for all being at the house so I could talk to everyone! It was so great. I didn't think that it would be so hard, but it was. I guess just seeing your faces and hearing your voices. Anyways this week was alright. We had a very bad week as far as missionary work goes. But I guess that's partially attributed to the holiday season. Monday we went over to a family in the wards house that night and just visited with them. Tuesday, we had district meeting, and we combined that. We did a fun relay race thing. That afternoon we did a hot chocolate finding activity with the zone. That night we had dinner at a Thai restaurant with a member. Wednesday we did our usual service at the library, and had dinner with a cool family in our ward. Thursday was fun too. We did a caroling thing with both zones at the Santa Rosa mall. We just sang songs by the food court then sang as we walked then went to the entrance and sang more. It was fun. President came and surprised us so that was fun. That night we ate with a family in our ward, at this random Filipino family's house that they know. It was strange but pretty cool. We had some really strange Filipino food, like on tail soup, and a really weird gelatinous rice dessert. The food was good but the dessert was nasty. Oh well, it was worth a try. Oh, I can now play the 4 major ukulele chords. So I can play like over the rainbow and stuff. So that's fun. Christmas Day we obviously skyped, and we also made some cookies as well as on Christmas Eve. We had dinner at a family in the ward with 10 kids, though they are all grown up and only 6 were there. That was interesting; we don't know them well so it was a little awkward. That night both zones went to the stake center and played sports and stuff which was also really fun. President showed up for that and was giving me crap about being so much taller and how it isn't fair. Haha it was hilarious. Saturday we did planning which was boring as usual. That night we are at a member’s house that fed us on Wednesday. They are super cool people. It was weird, their daughter was in town, along with another kid from another family, and they both graduated same year as me and Julander, so that was weird. Sunday was normal. At dinner a member kind of chewed us out for not doing our job. Just like showed us what we should do and stuff. I love that family but that didn't exactly boost my spirits. Oh well. Life goes on. Other than that not much has gone on. Thanks for everything everyone. I really do miss you all but I know I'm here for a reason. Love, Elder Hatch

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