Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 26 Moving to Woodland

January 4, 2015 Family, Well, it has been a pretty long week, but I am to the end of the transfer and I have officially ended my tenure in Healdsburg! I am being shipped off to Woodland 1st ward, which from talking to a couple missionaries just barely, seems to be one of the best areas in the mission as far as members, being busy, and just a cool place to be. They say it's awesome. So I am excited! My companion will be Elder Hardy, who is one transfer behind me but has been in that area for 2 transfers now. We are in the Woodland 1st ward which is apparently a really good area. So that should be fun! I am actually with him and Elder Julander today and will be leaving for our area tomorrow in the morning sometime. But, as for this week, it was an interesting and fun filled week with some weird stuff. Monday was a good P-day, I got a new suit because my other one from when I sang in conference is getting a little small. So that was fun. We had dinner with some members and recent converts, which was good. The recent convert is hilarious. She just talks and talks and talks so much it's hilarious. She gets up every fast Sunday and has like a little acronym poem or something like that to share every month. That night we did FHE at Angie's house and her relatives from Mexico were there that mostly only spoke Spanish. Luckily Angie speaks both and some of the kids spoke good English but there was some Spanglish going on for sure. Tuesday we had district meeting, and I did like a big basketball game and likened it to the plan of salvation. I like changed scriptures and stuff like that it was pretty funny. After that we actually had successful day of finding and we were able to make contact with a bunch of people that we had been trying to see. At one point we were looking for a young family, and they ended up being out of town but his dad was there and we taught him on the porch and gave him a BoM. He doesn't live in our mission but it was still a really cool experience. That night we got a call from a member in a ward north of us that we had never met, and she asked us to come give a blessing to one of her friends that had requested it. It was really cool. Wednesday we did our library service and we were able to go out and see some members and talked to some recent converts. We found out that the funny recent convert and her returning LA husband want to go through the temple and be sealed eventually, so that is good. That night we had dinner with the ward mission leader and his wife which was a good time. Thursday we did our usual food bank service, and afterwards we had a lesson with a guy that we found and we had a lesson with him in Safeway. It was a weird place to meet but it was cool that we had a lesson with him. We then had dinner with a cool family in our ward and had to be in early for the night. Friday we did our weekly planning then went to dinner at the bishops then a lesson with our recent convert Nate Legakis, which his power was off and his fireplace was on so that's what we used for light and heat for the lesson. It was very strange. Saturday we did service at the Windsor town green, like a park place, taking down trees from a Christmas festival thing. We did hat, then found some more people, then we had dinner with a cool member family. That night we were in a lesson with a guy on his porch and after we got a certain way through, he was like, "ok, I've heard enough" and walked inside. It was really weird but makes a good story. Sunday was church and we went and saw some members and had dinner with the Carnations. At a always a good time. I have some good pictures from visiting members and with the carnations, though I think mom and dad got the carnation ones already. But it was weird saying bye to everyone. Today has been weird too. We picked up my companion for next transfer and he is with us. I am really excited for next transfer and it should be really fun! From what I have heard it is an awesome area and should be fun. I'm just ready for something different. Anyways I love you all and am so grateful for all of you! Love, Elder Hatch

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