Thursday, January 14, 2016

Week 27 Good Bye Healdsburg...Hello Woodland

January 11, 2016 Family, Well, I have got to say, that I am pretty pumped for this transfer. It has been a really good week on the mission so far and me and my companion both get along great with each other and are willing to do the work to see cool things happen. My companion has had a bunch of lazy companions so far on his mission (his first and only 2) so I feel bad for him but I am so grateful that the Lord put the two of us together, because we are both willing to work and are wanting to be good obedient missionaries. Its disappointing, so many Elders in my mission are either lazy or are not obedient. Its too bad, its like why are you even out then? Anyways all is well with me and my companion so I am happy. So monday was crazy. We picked up Elder Hardy from the mission office and he was with Julander and I for the rest of monday. We had dinner monday and Angie Hand's house, who is the lady that spoiled us like crazy. She surprised me and had a bunch of people that usually come after dinner for FHE there for dinner too so it was a party. They all signed a journal and gave it to me so that was really cool. Elder Hardy was able to be there with us and get a small taste of Healdsburg that night. So he stayed with us that night, and then tuesday morning we headed out to Santa Rosa again to drop off Julander, say whats up to some missionaries that were also at the office, then head out to Sonoma. We had to pick up an Elder and take him to his new area which happens to be in my district. We then headed out to Woodland and started working in our area! Wednesday was a pretty good day. Unfortunately we had service cancel but it was ok because we went out and did area book finding, which I did a bunch of in my last area so I am used to it. We had a meeting with the WML later in the day and that night we took out 4 of the priests in our ward and we went over to the ward mission leaders house and the young men pretended to teach him as if he was a new investigator. It was really cool. Some of them didnt take it so seriously, but some did and it was cool to see them trying at least. Thursday was good, we did service at the YOLO county food bank and that was pretty fun. Just me and my comp but it was still cool. Later that day we went down to Davis and did some service there with the whole zone. We also have a massive zone. Like 24 missionaries I think which is bigger than some zones combined. SO that was really fun. I got to see some missionaries that I served around in CC, and also I am now in the same city as Elder Flinders, my son! I am so happy about that, getting to serve around him again. It seems to be a really good zone and we should all have some fun together. Later thursday night we went over to see a family whose daughter got baptized on Saturday! They were an extremely less active family as of like 6 months ago and they were having a lot of financial struggles but they have persevered through it and their 9 year old daughter was able to be baptized b y her father on saturday! So it was cool to see them that night. They were all sick so we gave them blessings. Well, Elder Hardy did 3 of them and the dad did the 4th one so I didnt have to but it was funny because it was the first time Elder Hardy had ever given a blessing before and he was freaking out! Plus he had to do 3 of them! He was literally shaking hahahahaha so funny. but he did a really good job too and they were all great blessings. Friday was weekly planning and that was actually pretty effective. Still boring as usual but it was good, we were able to set up some solid lessons and make some really good plans. That night we went over to the same family's house that we were at the night before, and we had to do a few last lessons with the little girl before her baptism. It is so cool, the whole family sat there and participated with us. They are seriously like the coolest family ever. It was strange, Thursday night when we were there for the first time, It felt like I had known them from somewhere or something, and as we were leaving that night the mom was like oh my gosh I feel like we have known you forever or from somewhere else or something. Like me and Elder hardy just get along with their family so well and they are so fun/funny that it is a blast every time we are there. Saturday was the baptism!!!! Super super super super super cool to get to see that happen. Her father baptized her and they were all so happy it was awesome to see. A really cool moment as I was able to sit back and see something really cool happen. We also had an extremely good night that night. We decided to say a prayer before we left our apartment that we would be able to find people and that we would be able to teach them. Long story short we taught 4 door lessons, gave away 3 copies of the Book of Mormon, and we set up like 6 or 7 return appointments. All in about 45 minutes. It was super super cool. That combined with the baptism made it probably the most successful night of my mission so far. It was truly amazing. Sunday was really good too. We had ward council bright and early at 7 AM, and then church at 9:30. I had to give a talk in church so that was fun, but I think I did ok. Not my best talk but thats all right. That day we went out to this little Hamlet like 20 minutes north of Woodland called Knights Landing, and taught this guy and his daughter. He is no longer a member but is a really great guy going through a tough financial trial similar to the one with Bruce. So I feel bad for him. His daughter is still a member, but its cool cause this guy is so awesome and he knows what he needs to do he just has troubles doing it. So we are working with him to see if we can get him re-baptized. That afternoon we had a meet n greet with all the missionaries in the zone and the stake president, who is actually going to be a mission president in Brazil starting June. So thats cool, plus he is super young. President Cuvelier i think. That night we had our sunday night meeting and that brings us to now! It has been a really good week this last week. I am excited for the rest of the transfer and am so glad to have a change of area, companion, basically everything. Its a scary but really exciting new adventure that is going to be really fun! I love all of you and am so very grateful for everything you all do for me. Love you! Love, Elder Hatch

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