Monday, December 7, 2015

Week 16 Emergency Transfer

October 26, 2015 Family, Well this week was another interesting week. Monday I finally got to play some real basketball, with real people, on a real wood floor, not carpet! It was way fun. There are some really good Elders in these zones. Monday night I prepared the final preparations for my district meeting. So that was good. Tuesday was an interesting day. So we had district meeting, and that went well. I thought I did a decent job. What was interesting was the last 10 minutes. With 10 minutes left, I had just turned the time over to one of the zone leaders to teach the last 10 minutes, and I got a call from President Wright. He was like hey Elder Hatch are you at the Peterson Lane chapel? I was like yes I am and district meeting will be over in 10 minutes. So he said that he would be there in about 20 minutes and that he wanted to talk to me and my companion. I was like sure thing president. So he came, and met with the AP's first, then he called me in and I was suddenly in an interview with president. So he asked me if there was anything that he could do for me to help relieve some stress, then he told me of the situation he was there for. There was another missionary that had just come out that was struggling, and he thought that if he switched him to be my companion in Healdsburg that he would do better. He told me that he felt really good about it, but that he would pray about it and let me know later that day if they were going to make the switch. So we then had a meeting with the two of us and Elder Flinders and he told Elder Flinders the situation. After that we went and got some lunch, and President Wright called me and said that we were going to make the switch. So we met the other elders at the church building after Elder Flinders packed all of his stuff up. We made the switch and now Elder Julander is my companion! So Elder Julander is from Enoch, Utah, and the funny thing is that his grandpa has a car auto shop in Panguitch called Paul's Auto. So that is way funny. Its pretty sweet, he is about 6'4" so we are pretty intimidating. Other than that, this week has been a little slow. We have names of people to go see, but a lot of the time when we call them or try to stop by, they never answer. It sucks. But we have talked to more people lately, so that is good, and we have been doing a lot of service. Wednesday, was just pretty much all of that, service, trying to find people. Thursday we had a little more service, and we also went to Petaluma. One of the Spanish Elders that lives with us was sick like all week, and so there were some nights that I stayed back with him, so that his companion wasn't stuck inside all day. So that got a little boring. Friday, we had weekly planning, and then dinner with this spanish lady in our ward. Pretty much she just spoke spanish to the other elders the whole time. That night we went over to a recent converts house. Saturday, we did some more service, we fixed a tarp for a sailboat. That day, we met with a bishop from middletown, because he somehow knew elder Julander. That night we ate with a family and they were soooooo funny. Probably the funniest dinner on the mission so far. Sunday was pretty cool as well. Church went good and we went around doing some less active contacting, although it was not that successful. But that night we had dinner at President's house, which was pretty cool. President is such a cool funny guy. He had two of his kids there with him as well, one that is in high school, and one that is in college. It was a pretty funny dinner too. That night we had a meeting at the Peterson Lane Chapel. It sucked, I found out that My car was almost all out of gas. So that was fun. I had to bum some rides and say some prayers haha. But that night I learned that some of the sisters in my district that I thought were doing well, were not doing well. I was just totally oblivious. Dang. But I think that they can work it out. One is brand new this transfer, graduated in 2015 and all, which is nuts. Anyways, the whole Emergency transfer thing made this week pretty crazy. But I am still trying my best to help him and help out my district. I know that I will get better, and I am learning that I need to have realistic expectations of myself, and that I wont be able to do everything at once. But I really am trying to rely on the Lord and I hope that I will continue to do better at that. Thanks for everything, for all of your prayers and everything that you all do. Love, Elder Hatch

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