Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 24 All the Service!!!

December 21, 2015 Family, Well another week has passed and it's time to write again. It seems like the weeks are going slow but the months fast. It seems weird that in 2 weeks I will have been out 6 months, and Josie will be leaving! Pretty crazy but an amazing time for all of us. Who would have thought that we would be at a time when me, Josie, and Sam are all on missions! Very cool to think about. But, it is even weirder that I won't be with you all for Christmas and Christmas Eve, that I won't get to do the crazy nativity or bingo or things like that! But I know that it's ok, and that it's better that I am here and that I miss it, than to be home. Anyways, this has been a pretty long week. It has been raining pretty much all week with no snow. It doesn't really feel like Christmas at all with no snow but I can handle that. I never loved snow anyways. But Tuesday we had district meeting which I though went well. I don't like having to teach those but other than that I don't mind being a district leader. It really is like no difference other than teaching district meeting. I bet it would be different if I had elders in my district, instead of me being the relief society president(having only sisters in your district). So I haven't had to conduct exchanges or anything like that. Pretty sweet. Later Tuesday we practiced for our skit in the Christmas devotional. That was fun. I will send the video of our actual performance. That night we had a lesson with our recent convert at a pizza place. It was kind of distracting with a tv on in the background playing King of the hill. Wednesday we did service for the Salvation Army in the morning for a while picking out and sorting toys for kids. It was great. We then did service at the library as usual for Wednesday's. The rest of that day we did some finding that wasn't super successful. Thursday we had the Christmas party and devotional at the mission office building with a bunch of zones. It was really fun, every zone did a skit and it was hilarious. Afterwards we did a devotional that was also very good. It was a really good morning. After that we did the usual service at the food bank and then went off to dinner. We had dinner with a cool family in our ward. They took us out and the place we were going to go and that was closed, so they took us to another place and for 6 people total it was $250!!!! It was an alright place, like really good food but not worth that much! Called Mateos in Healdsburg in case you were wondering. We then went over to another recent converts house and had a little lesson with them. Mostly just a visit to check up and see how they are doing. Friday we did planning, then had a lesson with a new investigator. We did the restoration with him kind of. He had a lot of questions about proof archaeologically of the Book of Mormon and other sources and stuff. Also of any prophecies that Joseph Smith made that came true. We are going to see him next Sunday. We had dinner with a cool family in the ward and then had a lesson with the kind of weird guy in our ward that never comes to church or anything. Saturday we did finding pretty much the whole day. It was pretty rough. I honestly don't remember much from it. Sunday we had church, and we sang in the ward choir since it is so small. We also did sharing time in primary too. Afterwards we did studies and had dinner at 4! After that we tried to do some finding and were semi successful, afterward we had our Sunday night meeting which was good. Today has been a pretty good day so far. Also, sorry I don't send many pictures. I just always forget to take pictures haha I will try to do better. But here is the video of our skit. So pumped to talk to y'all on Friday! Love, Elder Hatch
Either Elder Hatch is really tall or those sisters are really short.

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