Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Week 20 Transfers..Am I staying or going?

November 23, 2015 Dear family, So transfers are tomorrow, and we got the info on Saturday night. But president has changed it up, so instead of sending us a document, the zone leaders just call us and tell us whether we are staying or leaving, and they don't tell us where we are going if we are leaving. Then, at transfer meeting on Tuesday, president announces where everyone is going and who is companions. But you only go if the companionship is changing. So me and Elder Julander are both staying for another transfer, so we will both be here for Christmas and the transfer ends on January 5th. So it should be fun. The big news though, is that the Spanish elders that live with us are both leaving, and their area is being absorbed. So, me and Elder Julander will be living with just the two of us this transfer, and I haven't done that so far on my mission. So it should be interesting. But anyways, Monday we went to the beach and it was FREEZING. Like 50 degrees with a 20 degree wind chill. It was a good idea in theory but it was way too cold to be any fun. I will attach a picture of it, because it was beautiful. Later that night we went to a few FHE's which was cool. One of the super cool families in my ward has a daughter that was companions with Jonny's sister Liz Ricks in St. Petersburg. So that's cool. They have a picture of their daughter and Liz and their other companion on their wall so that was cool to see. I need to tell Jonny. Tuesday we had district meeting and we combined it so that it was the whole zone. It was pretty bomb, we did a lot of fun activities and I think everyone had a good time and learned from it. That day was pretty good too, we had a couple lessons and were fairly productive. Wednesday we did service for our recent convert which was fun. We also got a church headquarters referral so we went over and had a lesson with them on Wednesday, and she is a member and he is not. He's kinda ghetto but I think it should work out for the best. That night we also had another lesson with a recent convert. One thing about Tuesday and Wednesday, is that Tuesday night we had Round table pizza for dinner. Wednesday afternoon, our RC took us out for lunch to round table pizza. For dinner, we had round table pizza at a members house, and later that night we ate mountain mikes pizza. So I am pretty sick of pizza at this point. Plus we had little Caesars on Saturday. So yeah. Thursday we drove down to Petaluma. We then drove straight to the food bank for our usual service, which we then rushed right to our appointment with our semi-progressing investigator. He hasn't been showing much signs of progress but we had a very good lesson with him and I hope that he starts committing to more things. That night we had a lesson with our recent convert who is a weirdo. Luckily he was better this time than last, but he is still an interesting guy. Friday we had planning and not a whole lot else. We ended up eating with and staying at the ward mission leaders house a lot of the night. He is a crazy guy. Saturday we did service for some members in the morning, then passed out flyers for the food bank at Safeway for like 3 hours. Then was the fun part. We went with the zone leaders to cast out an evil spirit from one of our investigators house, so that was fun. It was very weird but interesting. That night we got our transfer info, like I was saying. Sunday, we spoke in church at a homecoming for Jake Carnation. Their family is way cool and they took up most of the program. That was good. That night we had our Sunday night meeting and my STL is going home so that's weird. She was my first STL up in Eureka too. Other than that not much going on. The zone is changing so that's weird but not much else. Just keep on keeping on. I love you all so much and pray for all of you every night! Thanks for everything Love, Elder Hatch

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