Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mrs. Hatch's New Groove

This is a school year with a lot of firsts. I am teaching a new grade, in a new classroom, for a new principal, collaborating with a new group of teachers and trying new technology. At first I was a bit overwhelmed. So much to do and remember from several years ago. I knew I could do it and life would settle down eventually. After four weeks of teaching I have finally found my groove. It feels natural again and things run smoothly. I am really enjoying teaching. The children that I teach are incredible and are so anxious to learn. I have been very blessed to have small class sizes and lots of support help. I wasn't sure I had made the right decision to move to Kindergarten but after four weeks of teaching, it is was the right move.

I have also posted two projects on Donors Choose and both of them have been funded. Through Donors Choose I have been able to purchase student mailboxes and a CD player for my listening center. Such generosity for education in commendable. I really appreciated family, friends, and total strangers who donated to my projects. If any of my readers want to donate to education you can go to and pick a project to donate to. It is that simple.

So here's to another year of silly songs, color poems, birthday crowns, food graphs, sight words, alphabet and zero hero. So glad I found my groove.


Annicka Borges said...

Beware the grooooooooove. Just sayin'. :)

Brittany said...

I love Zero Hero!! You are an AWESOME teacher!!!

Brittany said... isn't Brittany it is Tiffany :)