Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Years

Two years can seem to be such a long time and yet it can go by so quickly. Two years ago we were in Hawaii picking up Zach, Annie was pregnant with our first grandchild, McKay was in Junior High School, and Maddie was in Graduate School. The past two years seem to have flown by. Zach has been home two years now and is in school working on a business degree. Annie is working as a nurse at the hospital and has our only grandchild, Tommy. McKay is now in High School trying out for the basketball team and learning to drive. Maddie has graduated and is now working at the hosiptal as a pharmacist. I am still a school teacher and Gary is still employed as a safety director. Some things in life seem to change while others remain the same. But I can't believe how quickly the past two years have gone by. Life just seems to pick up speed with age. It makes me curious what the next two years might have in store for our family. We could possibly have more grandchildren, more college degrees, more in laws, preparing to send McKay on his mission, and more stories to tell. I look forward to the next two years and hope they bring me as much happiness as the last two have.

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