Monday, September 17, 2012

Not as it Appears.

We are Utah football season ticket holders. Each year we look forward with great anticipation to the upcoming season. It is great fun sharing dinner, lunch, or brunch with family and friends before the game. Then once at the games we share in celebrating first downs, touchdowns, and great plays. I even have learned some things about football. I know when there is going to be a first down, can recognize some of the call signals, understand when the ball is  in field goal range, and I even enjoy a great tackle. With the new techological capabilities what you see in the stadium may not be the same game that is seen on TV.

The last 10 seconds of the rivalry game was such an instance. Those at home saw a more technical version or what we saw live. Hence the reason for writing this post. While in the stadium emotions were running high. At one point in the game my son leaned over to me and said, "I feel pretty safe we are up 24 to 7," to which I responded, "You never count BYU out until the game is over. They are notorious for coming back in the last few minutes." So it is the big instate rivalry game and we are down to the last 10 seconds with BYU having the opportunity to win or at least tie the game. The Utah fans are on edge hoping for another win. The stadium is full of exhuberant fans who are anxious and nervous. So when the first attempt at winning the game was an incomplete pass the stadium showed no time on the clock. The coaches began walking to the center of the field and the exstatic fans rushed the field. It was the rivalry game after all. It appeared from inside the stadium that the games was over. However those of you at home watching saw that the clock hadn't run out and that there was possibly a second or two left on the clock. The field was cleared and BYU attempted a field goal which was blocked. Sensing that the game was once again over as time ran out and the ball couldn't be advanced the fans onced again celebrated and rushed the field. Now those of us in the stadium were watching the play not the fans so we didn't see the fans rushing the field too early as you were able to watch. So once again the perspective of the game was very different depending on your point of view. Finally the 15 yard penalty and BYU had one last chance to tie the game. I wouldn't want to be the kicker for anything. My nerves were shot and I wasn't even playing the game. I can't imagine the huge burden he was carrying. Well we all know how it ended. The poor kid hit the post and by the way that post swayed he really meant that kick. The irony of it was the game ended by my watch at 11:58pm. I just think it was time for the game to end. Just something to think about.

So I am not upset at the fans for rushing the field. From where they were the games was over three times. It was just interesting to have conversations with those that watched it on TV. It was if we were watching two seperate games. Perspective it is an interesting thing.

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