Monday, December 28, 2009

Week 63 Moving to the Big City of Honolulu

Aloha Family,

Well the big news for this week is that I am getting transferred. They are sending me into downtown Honolulu to the Manoa Ward. I will be companions with Elder Eteaki. He is a Tongan kid that is about 3 months older than me in the mission. I am really excited to work with him but also really sad to be leaving Elder Wootton. We have had a lot of fun together. I have really enjoyed serving in this area and to serve with Elder Wootton. I have met so many great people here and have built some really good relationships.

Well other big news is we had Tiara's baptism. It went really really well and she was so ready to get baptised. The whole program went really smooth and there were no complications. I actually got to confirm her in Sacrament Meeting the next day so that was pretty cool. The confirmation was amazing and the spirit was definately strong in the room. While we were at her baptism none other than Ni Fotu shows up. (ute football player) He was a friend of the person getting baptised so that was pretty sweet. Got to talk to him for a little while and encouraged him to go on a mission. He said he was thinking about it so we will see what happens.

Funny story...So we went to lunch at this families house yesterday and we were talking to there daughter and she said she served her mission in Utah. I was like oh yeah what part? She said Panguitch? I was like what! No way that is crazy. So we ended up talking about Panguitch for a while and stuff and talking about Pres. Tebbs. It was really funny I was so shocked that she had served there. She was like yeah there are a lot of Hatches there. I said yeah they are all my family. She was like woa that is crazy.

I think that is all to report on for this week. I loved the phone call home last week. It was a good boost and really good to talk to you. The time just went so fast. But before you know it is will be Mother's Day. I love you all so much. Have a good New Years!!

His new apartment is right across the street from the mission home. So he better be good being so close to the mission home. If any of you have any information on the Manoa area we would love to hear it. He has spent most of his mission in the country so he is a bit nervous to serve in the city. He told us that the mission had another 99 baptisms in December. That is so amazing. He seemed pretty excited about that. It could be an exciting week for him with a new companion, new area, and new apartment.

Life is good.

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Suzie-Q said...

Hi Elder Hatch - Elder Gary Hatch, that is. Greetings from the past! This is Soeur Reese (I am now Sue Reese Finlay). I am so happy to have found you and your wonderful family. Seems like yesterday we were missionaries in Canada, doesn't it? I've been in touch with Theron Brown and Larry Panek through Facebook. We've lived in Utah since 1992 and absolutely love it here. Never thought I'd leave Cali, but am so happy to be here. Again, so good to see you and your family. Take Care.