Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 59

Elder Hatch and Elder Wootton

Laie Zone Conference

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I hope that you all had a good Thanksgiving I know that we did here. We ate 4 different meals through out the day. I felt like I was just going from meal to meal all day. We actually had to turn a few people away becaue we had so many invites. We had a lot of fun though. Elder Wootton got a package form his parents and it had Christmas decortaions and Utah/BYU stuff it was a lot of fun. Some of the sisters came out of the woodworks when they heard BYU won but whatever it's cool.
Well this week was really fun. We were able to go on splits with the APs. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it and we got a lot done in their area. I got to drive their truck for the day and I was in absolute heaven. I was loving it. I will have to talk the Pres into getting me one of those full time because I fit so much better. ANYWAY I was in heaven. Too bad it didn't last longer.
Well big news for this week is that our mission reached its goal of 100 baptisms in a single month. Elder Wootton and I were so excited and the new goal is to have a white Christmas and have every companionship have a baptism in the month of December. So hopefully that will happen and it looks like our zone is on track to do it so that is good. Elder Wootton and I should be able to add our portion to it as we have a couple of baptisms lined up for the month of December.
In other news we had a baptism this weekend. It went really well it was for a 12 year old Samoan girl. Her name is Sam. She was baptised before but her records were lost a couple of years ago so we had to reteach her everything and baptise her. She was way smart and really prepared. The whole thing was in Samoan so I couldn't really understand a whole lot other than the words that were similar to Tongan.
Well I think that is about it for this week I love you all so much and hope you had a good Thanksgiving.

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