Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Week 62 Wishing you a Merry Christmas

Aloha Family,

Well this week was pretty good. Not too much to report on this week other than I am really excited to talk to you on Friday. It will be the best Christmas present I can get. Well transfers will be this up coming week. So by the time I email you I will know whether or not I am being transfered.
Well it was pretty funny earlier in the week we were at the visitors center and we are standing near the front and someone opened the door to walk in and this huge dog comes running in. I was like laughing, but freakin out. None of the sisters knew what to do. Me being so afraid of dogs, NOT, went up and grabbed him by the collar and drug him back outside and to the street and yelled at him to leave he kept coming back. This local guy that lives near by started yelling at it in this deep voice and the thing took off so fast down the street it was pretty funny.

Well we had two Christmas parties this week and I have decided that polynesian people know how to have fun and are a lot more fun than white people. Their parties are so much fun and they have so much food. They are not bashful and have no shame. They put themselves out there and don't care if they make a fool of themselves.

Well the big news for this week is that we are having a baptism on Saturday. It should be a really good one. It is kind of a funny story how we came across this girl. We picked up the Samoan wards and were visiting their investigators to find out if they were going anywhere. We were actually visiting this other kid at this house and she came out and was like I am Tiara I have taken the lessons. We were like cool. She told us she had requested sisters, we were like oh why? So we got talking with her and then she told us the other elders were really quiet and would never talk and stuff. She didn't feel comfortable with them so we were like oh ok here is our number call us if you need anything. The next day she called us and set up an appointment. The lady she lives with is a member and we were talking to her the other day and she was like ya Tiara came back in the house after you left that day and was like oh I am fine with these elders they are cool. So that was a success to us.

Well I will keep it short because I will be talking to you this week. I love you all so much.


Zach is doing very well. He loves the work, his companion, and our Savior. We are all so excited to talk to him on Christmas day. It will be good to hear his voice and share in the holiday spirit. We are so grateful for this time of the year and the spirit it brings into our home. We love all of you and appreciate your support. We hope you have a Merry Christmas and your lives are filled with the true meaning of Christmas. May Christ be the center of our thoughts and actions.
Gary and Mary Ann

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