Thursday, May 27, 2010

Week 83 Elder Hatch's Wild Adventures


Well I had few minutes tonight and figured that I would try and recap a few of the events from the last week. Well we finally finished up the interviews throughout all of Oahu. Man it took forever driving to some of those pads. Some night we didn't get back until almost 7 and we would leave at 9 in the morning just driving from one place to the next. President has us drive because he would rather sit in the back and get some other work done rather than waste his time driving. So that is always fun to be stuck in that bumper to bumper traffic. Anyway we got them all done and then on Friday we got a call that some missionaries were being kicked out of their apartment. So we had to grab both the mission trucks and Elder Mederios and I drove them both out and head clear to Maili Kai and if you don'y know where that is, it is clear down on the west side of the island. So we got out there and loaded both trucks full of washer dryer, fridge, stove, desks, beds, chairs, dressers and pretty much anything else we could fit in two chevy calorados. It was crazy and then we drove them all the way back out to Honolulu to put them in the mission storage shed. Well when we got to the storage shed it was so full of stuff you could barely open the door. I was like you have got to be kidding me!!! So I just start ripping and tearing at things pulling them out and just putting them all in a big junk heep. All the time just asking Elder Mederios if he wants to keep it. So I get eveything out sweep it up, get a shelf set up to put all of the dishes and everything else we found in there. Then we organized the stuff we wanted to keep and what do you know there was room for all the new stuff that we brought and it was clean. It was a very satisfying project to say the least. Anyway it was a pretty fun adventure.
So then on Saturday we thought it was going to be kind of a day just to catch up on things and to be able to preparea little bit. Well once again we were dead wrong!!! We started getting all of these calls of old furniture that we needed to get rid of and things that people needed in all of the zones, so we decided to run a bunch of the errands that we had. We we ended up going to 6 different zones that day and probably driving a hundred miles. It was a long day to say the least. We got eveything done though. Then that night we pounded out our training for zone conference. It was really good because it was uninterrupped so I could just keep my train of thought going and be able to get everything pretty much the way I wanted it.
Sunday was pretty much just a typical Sunday. We went to church and had all of our meeting and stuff. Then we went back to our pad and had some lunch and stuff. We got a call from Elder Eteaki saying that he needed us to help sing with him. So we were like hmmmm?? Maybe, I am not the best of singers you know so I was like what are we singing? He was like nearer my god to thee and I was like ok that one is a pretty easy one to harmonize. So we went to their baptism with them and helped them sing. It went really well. Then we went back to the office and finished our training and got ready to take the numbers that night. We were sitting waiting for all of the reports to come in so we could compile them and then they all finally did, and what do you know it looks like we will hit "Vision 100" again this month so that is good news.
Well Monday started out pretty normal, we did our usual accountability and had to run a few errands. We had to go to the dump which is always fun. The dump here is so weird. It is like a gaint warehouse that you just dump everything and then the tractor comes and pushes it out the bottom. Anyway we did that and then had to do a few quick other things for president. Well them we played some basketball and got some good exercise. It was pretty fun. Then that night we were making all preperations for Kauai the next day when we got a phone call from president telling us that he needed us to do something for him. Needless to say we had to stay out late doing it. It was pretty crazy. Then the next morning we got up really early and flew to Kauai. Man airplanes are so small or maybe I am just really tall (that wasn't a fat joke) So we got there and it was a really good zone conference. Well I am out of time for now so you will just have to stay posted til Monday and I will let you know what happened in Kauai and in Laie. Some good times. Man I miss Laie so bad. It is such a blessed place.

Ofa atu

Elder Hatch

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Joan said...

Just like his Mom...always organizing everything. I hope they get him a First Class airplane ticket when he comes home so he can have somewhere to put his legs. Poor guy :/