Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Week 82

Elder Hatch and Elder Medeiros with Jamboree their newest convert.

Zone Leader Conference

Aloha Family,

Well I realized that I had been super busy and hadn't written you in like 2 weeks. So that is my bad. I don't have a whole lot to fill you in on because I just talked to you last week on the phone, but I will kinda let you know what is going to happen this upcoming week and what happened this last week. So this last week we had interviews and this transfer president decided to do interviews at their pads so that I could see where all of the missionaries live when he is gone. So we have been driving around the whole island all week looking at pads, checking area books, while president does interviews. It is kind of fun to see where all of the different missionaries live and to see all of the sides of the island I haven't seen yet (Which isn't much)!! We have also been filming the missionaries because we are making a new baptism dvd for the mission and needed some testimonies and some other things like that in it. So we got their testimonies and stuff and took them to this member who is going to put the whole thing together for us. By the way mom and dad congrats on the 27 years? What does that make you maybe 38 years old??? BAhahahaha Anyway yesterday was really long. Elder Mereiros got really sick the night before and threw up a whole bunch so I just had to stay home with him all day and try and help him get feeling better. Mostly I just let him sleep all day. So while he did that I read scriptures, read pmg, read the conference ensign, watched the restoration, watched legacy, watched some church history dvds, took a nap pretty much whatever I could to keep myself occupied to that I didn't get bored. It was ok though I was more worried about him feeling better than me being bored.
So this week will be more interviews and such. So Elder Medeiros and I get to play taxi driver for president and drive him around to all of the differnt zones. It is pretty fun though because we get to see all of the missionaries and get to build better relationships with them. Some of their pads are way nice and some of them are pretty crappy and when president sees them he tells us that he wants to try and get out of those pads. Luckily we won't be doing any flying this week so it won't be too tiring. We pretty much are just going to prepare for our trainings and stuff like that and book flights and all of that fun stuff. Let me just check and see if you had any questions this week.........Oh ya our ward did a car wash and just like any other tongan event there was plenty of food to go around. I think we had more food than we did cars washed but it was still good we actually found a few people for the other missionaries to teach so that was good. Well I think that is it for this week. I love you all so much and pray for each of you every day.

Ofa atu


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