Saturday, May 8, 2010

Week 81 Summary

Here is a summary of his week.
Monday: Zone Leader Conference (ZLC) he had to prepare a talk for the Zone Leaders

Tuesday: New Missionaries arrive from the MTC. He always loves to see the excitement in their eyes and their enthusiasm to begin the work.

Wednesday: Transfers. Making sure all the missionaries get to their new areas, all the cars are where they need to be, all the flight plans are scheduled, and everything runs smoothly. He tells us that planning transfers and making all the changes is an incredibly spiritual experience. He said it is just amazing how the Lord works.

Thursday: Those missionaries going home spend some time in the mission home and tour the island before they fly home.

Friday: Sends home those missionaries who have completed their missions. This is a most difficult event. He has learned to love them all so much and it makes him sad to say good bye knowing he may never see them again.

Saturday: He has a baptism and it is "Helping Hands" day in Hawaii. The missionaries will be doing a lot of service as they support this day in Hawaii.

Sunday: He will be calling home. YEAH!!!

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