Friday, June 11, 2010

Weeks 84,85, and possibly 86

We haven't gotten a big email for awhile but have gotten small blurbs here and there. So I will try to summarize some of the life of Elder Hatch.
1. He finished off Zone Conferences in week 84. He loves traveling to all the zones and meeting with the missionaries. He tells us the missionary spirit is very strong and he loves getting his batteries recharged being with all of those missionaries.
2. He has been working on transfers for the past week or so. Transfers are on June 16 and there are 16 missionaries going home. So this is a big transfer. They have been working on putting the right companionships together for this transfer. Transfers are a big deal to him. He takes them very seriously and there is a lot of prayer, fasting, and trusting in the Lord when making changes in companionships. He is now preparing all of the paperwork, transportation, and training manuals.
3. On July 1 President Peterson and his wife will have completed their service in Hawaii. Zach is helping to make preparations for a smooth transition to President Dalton and his wife. This is a very difficult thing for Zach as he has grown to love the Petersons as if they were his own parents. He has such love, respect and admiration for both of them. I know they will have a close relationship for the rest of their lives.
4. He has also been making deliveries, teaching some investigators right there in Honolulu, visiting all the missionary pads, and working on other missionary stuff.
5. He found out that we will be picking him up in October. Hawaiian Air had a great rate and so we booked our flight. So exciting.

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