Thursday, June 24, 2010

Week 87

I know it has been a while so I figured I would sit down for a moment and write a quick email. Things have been super crazy. I will try and summarize the events from the last couple of weeks for you the best I can.

Week before transfers- Well we did all of the transfer plans and it all went pretty well. No major issues in the planning process. We had lots of missionaries moving though so we had lots of flights to book, lots of rides to coordinate and lots of new missionaries coming so we had to make sure that things were ready for them. So we got everything ready and were able to do a few other things before transfer week came. There are always just so many preparations that go into transfers and you just want to make sure that everything goes smoothly and that everyone gets where they need to be without too many problems.

Transfer week- Holy cow where do I even begin with this week. So Monday we had a p-day of sorts but not really. We played basketball for about an hour but then had to go to a lesson with our tongan ward and then after that we had to get everything ready for the greenies who would be here the next day. So Monday absolutely flew by. Tuesday we had a big old planning meeting with President Peterson where we tried to get as much stuff prepared for President Dalton as we could to make the transition a whole lot smoother. So we did that and then we drove out to the airport to pick up all the missionaries. It is so funny to see their faces when they step off the plane because they have such the deer in the headlights look. It is classic. I am sure I had the same look when I came though. So we get them and for some reason it takes forever to get their luggage. The machine at the airport stopped working and then there were about a 1000 people there trying to get there luggage. Oh I forgot to mention their flight was delayed so they landed at the same exact time as another flight so there were twice as many people as usual. We had to keep track of them in the big crowd. So we got them and took them to Presidents and got them all situated for the night. We went back to get the chapel ready for transfer meeting the next day and we get there and the chapel where we usually have the meeting is all taken apart because the stake is having some showtunes concert in there and they had lots of the rows out and the stage all taken apart. Elder Medeiros and I looked at each other and just went oh boy that's great. So we talked it through with President and he said it wasn't too big of a deal we would just deal with it.

So transfer day we take all the greenies to the tabernacle for transfer meeting and stuff like that. This day is always super stressful for us because we get about 1000 phones calls (Now I know why dad hates talking on the phone) of people trying to figure out how to get to the tabernacle. We have to make sure cell phones get to their proper area and cars get to their new areas and make sure that everyone has a ride back to their area and that everyone that has a meeting gets to it and is not late otherwise all of the other meeting that follow will be late. So we will just say that it is a super stressful day.

Then the next couple of days after transfers we pretty much just spend moving people and moving furniture and all of that kind of stuff. It was still really crazy because we had so much stuff to do. Then during the weekend we spent the whole time getting our zone conference training ready because we have to present all this week. We had two days to pound it out so we sat down and just pounded the whole thing out it was insane. So that pretty much puts us where we are now. My hands are tired of typing so I am going to stop.

ofa atu
Elder Hatch

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