Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 31 He knew Elder Foster

February 8, 2016 Dear Family, Well it was a pretty good week here in Woodland. We had a busy week and I can’t believe that there is only one week left in the transfer. The two transfers before this were so long, and this one went by so quickly! It seems just yesterday that me and Elder Hardy became companions. Our time together is rapidly closing. I am thinking that he will leave and I will stay here. I am really hoping that I don't have to train again. That would be rough. But anyways this last Monday we went bowling and it was super fun. All of the sudden I am way better at bowling than I used to be. I bowled a 159, then a 154, which are both my highest scores ever. So I don’t know what is happening. But it was super fun. Tuesday we had exchanges and I went down to Winters with Elder Kay. It was pretty fun, because Elder Kay was living with Nick Foster in his last couple of transfers and saw him die. So we had some good conversations about that. We were at this family’s house and their kid was like throwing up all over the floor. It was nasty haha, but not too bad. Wednesday we exchanged back and went to find some part member and less active families in the ward. It wasn't super successful but not too bad. Thursday we went and gave a sister a blessing then did service at this hoarder house, and it was like crazy hoarder. Like we were walking through trails in the house and backyard. In the process we threw a couch off of a balcony. It was pretty rad. That night I did my first baptismal interview and it was with a 9 year old girl. She was baptized by one of the sets of Spanish Elders and her dad who was baptized in December baptized her on Friday. It was super cool. Friday we had a lesson with our investigator Sean, who is hopefully being baptized in August. We hope he makes it to that. It’s a long ways away but he has some difficulties he has to work through before he can be baptized. That day we did weekly planning then had Hunters baptismal interview, then Lisset’s baptism that I just mentioned. Saturday we did service helping clean up the crèche festival stuff for a member in the ward who is in charge of it. She is super cool, we had a bunch of the zone there and it took like the whole morning, but it was fun, because we rode in the back of a moving van to put the stuff in storage, which was super fun haha. This member is crazy, she loves the missionaries. So that was fun. Later that day we had a lesson with two recent converts, then had dinner with this random member from Vallejo who knows Elder Hardy. So that was fun. That night was Hunter’s baptism, which went very well! It was really cool to see him be baptized. He has changed a lot in the past month, he comes to church every week and goes to young mens every week as well. Sunday we had church, then we went to find some people. As we were in a lesson with some members in the park, there was a lady sitting by herself in the park, because her daughter was off playing with the member’s kids. So we invited her to come and read with us. Unfortunately she was Spanish so the communication was off but luckily we had a Libro on us so we gave it to her! It was cool, the Hermanas’ are going to try and find her later this week. So that was pretty cool. We were reading 2 Nephi 9 and about 20 verses in I decided to act on the prompting I was getting to invite this lady, because it was getting stronger and stronger. I am glad that I did, afterwards one of the members we were with said that she was getting the prompting too but didn’t act on it. So it was cool to see a prompting in action work out for the better. That really helped my testimony of the spirit grow, and know that its promptings are real. Other than that, not much happened this week. I’m mad that the broncos won the super bowl of course but I will get over it. We tried to visit people Sunday afternoon and night but everyone was either not home or was mad that we interrupted the super bowl, so that was annoying. But anyways, thanks for everything everyone. I love you all and pray for you all every night. Love, Elder Hatch

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