Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 38 Happy Easter From Woodland

March 28, 2016 Family, Well Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter Sunday and go to relax a little bit. I love holidays but hate them on the mission, because nobody is home and wants visits. But it is a good time to calm down and focus on the Savior, which is what we all need in our life. This week was a pretty good week. It went by a little slow but it is nearing the end of the transfer so that is to be expected. On a normal transfer cycle we would be done tomorrow but with the 7 weeks we still have another one left. It went pretty well though. Monday was a pretty good day. We saw our investigator and her husband that night, and had a good lesson with them. They have been struggling lately but hopefully they will do better. Tuesday was a pretty slow day. We had a lot of finding and everything we had fell through, so that was pretty disappointing. Wednesday was kind of crazy. We had a lesson with an investigator that morning and he told us some pretty crazy stuff. I can’t say what, but it sufficeth me to say that we ended up calling President and asking for advice on what to do. Luckily it worked itself out though, and our investigator told us a few days later that he had fasted about the situation on his own, without us even asking him to or anything. So that was cool. Later on Wednesday we had service in Davis called "Graffiti Abatement" where we walk around downtown Davis, which is a really weird place. I will send a picture that will just describe Davis worth a thousand words. It’s so strange, full of Asians and people on bikes. For some reason Asians love going to UC Davis. I can’t figure it out, but they are everywhere there. That night pretty much all of our appointments cancelled as well, so that was great too. Thursday we helped a member move some of his stuff out of his apartment, because he is moving later this month, we then found out the 12 year old girl we were teaching moved back to Sacramento. She hasn’t come to church the past few weeks anyways cause her other grandma found out she was coming and liking it so she stopped letting her go. We think that is why she moved as well. So that was great. Pretty disappointing. That night we saw a recent convert and did a new member lesson with her. Friday we saw our investigator that we saw on Wednesday and he told us how he fasted and things have been getting better. Things are really looking good for him. We did our weekly planning that day then had a lesson with the sisters with a family that we are both teaching. We hadn't seen them in forever either so it was great to see how they are progressing. Saturday was a good day. We had a ward Easter picnic that morning and one member had an egg launcher and I helped hold it for people to launch them. They went around 100 yards probably. It was so funny. That afternoon the sisters had a blitz for their area, which happens to be the same area as ours, just Spanish. So me and Elder Angulo, one of my favorite Elders that lives with me, were able to have an amazing street lesson with this guy. We don’t think it will go anywhere but we were able to teach him a lot of stuff and gave him a Book of Mormon and gave him the challenge and told him about general conference, which he seemed pretty interested in. It was really cool. That night we had two awesome lessons. Back to back, with 2 part member families. One in which the wife is super close to baptism. I think if me and Elder Taylor stay she will get baptized, but who knows. The other was one where the husband is super open and he told us that everything makes sense doctrinally so far, and that once he reads the Book of Mormon and knows it’s true he said he would be baptized. And he is pretty sincere so we know that as soon as he reads it he is going to love it and want to be baptized. So that was a really awesome night. Saturday was an awesome day. Sunday was good too. Although none of our investigators came to church except one, it was Easter so it was kind of expected. But it was good services and the likes. We had a good dinner that night. And yes mom, they have funeral potatoes here too, just without the corn flakes or whatever so it’s like cheesy potatoes too. But we were all wondering at the dinner whether funeral potatoes were just a Utah thing or a Mormon thing too. I guess a Mormon thing. That night we had another good lesson with the family we are teaching with the sisters. It was a good week. We went out to Knights landing on Sunday and talked to this black preacher guy about Easter and Jesus. It was so sweet. Pastor James haha. I am really excited for GC!!! It is such a good time of year and especially for missionaries. A little weird that it’s my second one on the mission already and that my 9 months is rapidly approaching... so strange! But, I know that I need to really cherish the time I have left, because I know it’s not much. Thanks for everything and Happy Easter! Love, Elder Hatch

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