Friday, March 25, 2016

Week 37 Happy St. Patrick's Day

March 21, 2016 Hello Family, Well it was a pretty good week here. One thing, somebody sent me a potato in the mail in a package. Some website called Anonymous Potato or something and on the potato was written "Here comes the meat wagon, wee-oo wee-oo" so that was pretty weird. It was hilarious though. All of us in the apartment thought it was funny. Also I don't know if I said this or not, but thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate it, and it’s weird to be 19 now. It’s weird that I’ll be 20 when I go home. That’s so strange. Anyways, this week wasn’t too bad. Monday we had our usual lesson with our investigator cancel, and so that sucks. She is struggling with her parents still and her husband (a less active) isn’t doing too hot either. We are pretty worried about them, we haven't seen them in over a week and they didn’t come to church. But hopefully we will go there tonight though. Tuesday we had our district meeting which went well. We had a lesson with Sean and he is doing pretty well. He told us that he is probably getting another place and so is his girlfriend, so that will be good for him to be keeping the Law of Chastity now. We are excited about that. That night we had splits as usual and those went pretty well. There is a member of the ward I go on splits with a lot so we get along good and get good work done. Wednesday we had interviews with President Wright, and that was great. I always love to see him. He and Sister Wright are seriously just the best. I love them so much. I am so grateful to have them as my mission president and wife. I can’t imagine someone better fit for the job. They are great. Their son just got his mission call so that is cool too. We then started exchanges and I went with Elder Tripp, from Draper. He went to the same school as Zach Scott for high school and is dating a girl that goes to Cottonwood so we have some good connections back home. So that is pretty cool. We had a good lesson with DeShayla, although she still can’t be baptized. But we challenged her to have more faith as she asks her mom if she can be baptized again. We aren’t sure if she totally gets it though. We also saw a less active that night and hopefully we will be teaching his nephew soon. We went on splits with the Ward Mission Leader, Brother Chandler and that was great. He is an awesome guy too. Thursday we did some finding in the morning, then went and did service at a hoarder house in Davis again. That place is sooooo nasty. It’s just packed to the brim with stuff, and this guy wants us to like "organize" his garbage. We end up just throwing most of it out. We then exchanged back and had a new member lesson with a RC at Brother Chandler’s house. Friday we had another lesson with Sean, and that went well. We then had our weekly planning session, which is getting better and better as the transfer goes on. That night it sucked, we had like 2 lessons cancel. But, we had a really cool experience with prayer. So, both of those lessons cancelled, so pretty much we had no idea what to do with the last hour and a half or so of the night. So we decided to say a prayer, because we had no idea where we needed to be, but we figured it was somewhere important because both lessons we had planned for that night were really solid and important. So we say a prayer and it comes to our mind that there was a lady that Elder Taylor and Brother Dennis found on splits that is a less active member that said she wants us to teach her husband. So, we remembered that, and we decided to go over at like 8:20, which we never just drop by unannounced at that hour. So we decided to go over, and they were there! And available! They said that that day was perfect, any other Friday and they wouldn’t have been available, because he is in the police academy and is super busy always except weekends. So that’s perfect that they can have lessons and come to church on the weekends. So we knew that we had been led there that night, and that we were supposed to go over there. We taught about the Book of Mormon and he is super willing to learn. It’s awesome. That really strengthened my testimony on the power of prayer. It was amazing to see the hand of the Lord making that happen that night, and while we were disappointed about our other lessons cancelling, we knew that that home was where we were supposed to be. We knew that it was the lord that made the other lessons cancel, because we never would have gotten there if it weren’t for that. Oh, that night we also found this awesome free public parking lot that nobody knows about, so we were pumped about that. We even took a picture because we were so happy. Also that night I think was the High Priests St. Patrick ’s Day party. And Brother Dennis is the HPGL so he went all out since he went on his mission to Ireland. I think Sister Dennis is sending some pictures to you guys from that night. Saturday we did a big service thing in winters as a zone. That lasted most of the morning and was pretty fun. That day, we did some finding and a lot of our stuff cancel as well. We ended up doing more finding that night and that’s pretty much what we did all day. Sunday was a good day. Unfortunately we only had one of our investigators at church, so that sucked, but we had 2 lessons and they were both really good. We had one with a former member, and another with the part member family that we found on Friday. We taught the restoration and it made sense to him and he just soaked everything up. That was a good night. Otherwise, that is pretty much it. I am pretty bummed about the Utes losing, but oh well I guess. I still love them. I’m just worried about next year without Poeltl. Thanks for everything everyone. As far as spiritual thoughts I found a talk this week called "When Thou Art Converted" by President S. Dilworth Young. It is really good and cool to see how he uses the story of Peter in the talk. I love Peter too so that made it even better. Also watch the new Easter video! Love, Elder Hatch

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