Sunday, October 25, 2015

Week 14 The Lord Qualifies Those Whom He Calls

October 12, 2015 Family, Well folks, it was a slow week here for lessons, but good nonetheless. We were able to have a lot of cool finding opportunities, especially as a result of our lessons falling through. I guess the big news is transfers. I will be............... Headed off to Healdsburg English Speaking Area. I will be training a new missionary, and as a direct result of that, I will also be whitewashing, which means that both missionaries are new to the area, and there is nobody that knows the area or has any idea where anything is, that sort of fun thing. So basically neither one of us will know what to do for the first little while. And, while they were at it, they went ahead and made me district leader as well. So that should be fun too. So basically this is a ton of stuff that I am in no way shape or form ready for, but am excited to see what happens. I take a lot of solace in the quote from conference, "The Lord qualifies those whom he calls". I sure hope that that will be true for me, because I have no idea how to train, whitewash, or be a district leader. Oh and while they were at it they went ahead and made me the district leader over the Sister Training Leader(basically a sister zone leader) and the Zone Leaders. Oh and the AP's too. So that should be fun. Basically this is gonna be a great transfer. So yeah, there's that. I'm gonna need your prayers for this one. I just hope that I don't screw up my greenie too bad. Oh and another thing, the guy that is taking my spot up here in Crescent City, is my MTC companion, Elder Brooks. Pretty nuts. I wouldn't want anyone else taking my spot here though. He can look out for it for me. Oh and I think that my apartment that I am moving to is a new apartment so that will be nice. A nice fresh apartment Anyways, this last Monday was fun, we went to trees of mystery, which you all got the pictures from. That was way cool. That night we had a preach my gospel lesson with a guy that has recently started coming back to church, quit smoking, and is trying to go on a mission, so that's why we are reading preach my gospel with him. He turns 26 this year though so I don't know if he will get to go but it is cool that he wants to go. Tuesday, we went all the way down to McKinleyville, and that was fun. It was a good zone meeting, the last one for a few of the sisters in the zone. My companion only has one transfer left so he should have a good last transfer as well. That night we also went to see Ervin. I love that guy, I hope he continues to progress and help his family progress. Wednesday, we went up to Smith River, unbeknownst to me for my last time. We did service for that same guy, but weren't able to have a lesson with him. He did want another pamphlet though because he said that he was reading it with his son. We had dinner with the Jansens, a super cool family in my ward. That night we had all of our appointments cancel on us so that was great. Thursday, we had a ton of our lessons cancel, but we had some cool street lessons and really awesome finding, two people in a row that were way nice and told us to come back, all after like 2-3 weeks of people slamming their doors on us. It was great. One street lesson was with these two guys that were working on the yard of a lady that had slammed the door on us about a week prior. It was ironic but it was a cool lesson. Friday was planning, ugh. No fun, just 4 hours of straight nothing but sitting and planning. But its ok because we always go to Dutch Bros Coffee and get these delicious hot chocolates before for planning each week. After that we had dinner and our lessons cancelled on us that night too. It was a bummer but we managed to fill the time. It was rough because we were supposed to get the transfer info on Friday, but we got a text from the ZL's that it wasn't coming until Saturday. Saturday was kind of a rough day. Everything cancelled on us basically, it was raining, and they waited until like 5 at night to send us the transfer info. But we were able to go to this cool car show at the park across the street from us. And we went over to these cool young families house as well. They aren't members, and seem pretty cold on the gospel right now, but they like us and like us coming over. They even wanted us to come over again Sunday. So Sunday we had church, it was a good day, I bore my testimony because I was leaving, and I had a few members that were sad to see me go. Although they were sad it made me happy to know that I had some kind of impact on them. After church we went to the Fluds again, which is the young family we visited Saturday, and he was talking with us for a bit. Still not much about the gospel but we are just trying to BRT with them(build a relationship of trust). It was pretty cool. Overall a good Sunday. So basically to sum it up I am freaking out. I hope President knows what he is doing. I really have come to love the people here and it will be hard to leave them, but I am excited for a new adventure in Healdsburg. It will be a great time for me as I learn and grow, and can hopefully pick up a few good tricks from the ZL's and AP's. One last thing, is that I recently got a missionary facebook account. I had to delete some friend requests from people back home, because we are not allowed to be friends with people we knew at home, but, you can follow me to be updated on what is going on. Thanks for everything everybody, and GO UTES. How about them? Anyways thanks for everything! Love, Elder Hatch

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