Sunday, October 11, 2015

Week 11 Be Happy to Serve Christ

September 21, 2015 Hello Family! Thanks for all of your emails and everything as always! It was a really fast week this week it seemed like. The weeks go by very fast now and the days even faster. On Monday, we didn't do much fun stuff, but later that night, one of the members in our ward, the one that was living out of the tent with his dog, called us and said he had someone that wanted to take the missionary discussions. So we met them at Taco Bell, and it is his cousin that took the discussions like 5 years ago. She is currently homeless and her husband works at Taco Bell, so that is why we met her there. We ended up teaching her the whole restoration right there in Taco Bell. It was pretty weird. On Tuesday we went out to Hiouchi and taught 2 less active families. One of which we have been going to see for a while. I have some pretty cool pictures from being at their house that I will send. We also saw Ervin and his wife, and that is always good. He is so funny and awesome, I will never forget him. On Wednesday morning, the zone leaders came up and surprised us. We weren't expecting them but they are both really cool guys. We ended up teaching 2 unplanned lessons that day, just random people letting us into their house that were previously in the Area Book. It was pretty cool. Thursday we went on splits and I got to go down to Klamath with Elder Waites and the third nephite, Brother Bates. It is always awesome being with him. He knows everyone in town so we always have people to see which is great. He is such a cool guy. Friday was kind of a disappointing day, because we had 4 lessons planned, and all of them fell through except for 1. One of our "progressing" investigators cancelled on us for the 3rd week in a row. It is so frustrating. Saturday we were interrupted in studies to go help clean the church, then to help the guy living in a tent move a mattress up to his new house. We weren't allowed to so the Elders Quorum president helped us out. It turned out that he had to get a bunch of stuff at walmart too that he didnt tell us, so it ended up being like a 3 hour ordeal, and we weren't able to have the lesson with him that we had planned. I felt like us and the EQ president were being used, but the EQ president was really cool about it, and totally understood what was going on. He is a really good guy. While we were at Walmart we talked to this lady, and then the next day at church she showed up! I don't even know how she found it cause we forgot to tell her where the building was and when. Also church was crazy. It was the primary program so there was a bunch of visitors. Anyways a spiritual thought for the day, is in Acts, 9: 16. It is the Lord talking to Paul and telling him that he must suffer for His name's sake, but he says it like it is a good thing. And I have come to realize, it really is. If we can but suffer any little trial or hardship, as long as it is in the name of Jesus and trying to lift up his church, it is a privilege, and we should know that if that is happening, that we are doing good things and Satan is trying to get us. I hope that we can all suffer for Jesus sake to try and lift up his church. Love you all, Love, Elder Hatch

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