Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week 97 Last transfer before he comes home.

Elder Medeiros going home.

Aloha family,

So this week was really good. We spent lots of time in the office getting things ready for transfers. I will try and give you a briefing on what each day included

Tuesday 31st - We spent the whole day in the office spending most of our day doing transfers and getting things all put where they need to be. I don't think anything to exciting happened. Wednesday was pretty much just the same as Tuesday. There is so much paperwork that goes into doing transfers and so many things that you have to do to make sure that the transfer goes smoothly and that everyone gets to where they need to be with who they need to be with. It is always very stressful because if you miss just one thing it could all fall apart. Well not all fall apart but it could cause some problems. We have checklists we follow to make sure that we get eveything and when we go over the checklists we go over them like 3 different times just to make sure that we have everything.

Thursday 2nd- We spent most of our morning moving people around. We had some of the missionaries get offered new beds from their members, so we had to go and get their old ones and also go through the storage. We have gotten so much stuff from missionaries lately that our storage is just really full. There is so much stuff. Elder Doane and I are going to go through it all next week and see what can stay and what things just need to go that are really old. We have some things that have been in missionaries pads since Brigham Young. So we will see what we can do to get rid of the old stuff.

Friday 3rd- We spent lots of time in the office again. We wanted to get as much of the transfer stuff done as we could so that we could go to as many baptisms as we can on Saturday. So we got most of everything finished up that we needed to. It took us pretty much all day but we were able to do it. I thought I was going to go stir crazy sitting all day in the office but we were able to manage to get through it.

Saturday 4th- Today was like a miniature road trip. We started first by taking someone to the airport for president at like 7:30 in the morning, then we went back and went to the first baptism which was in Honolulu. Then after that one we caught the freeway and headed out to Mililani where there was supposed to be another one, but when we got there they forgot to tell us that is was cancelled so we called them and their investigator wanted to meet us, so we went and met them. We just went and talked to them for like 5 minutes and then Elder Doane and I were like well we gotta go. So we headed off to the next baptism which was down in Makakilo. We went to that one and just barely had enough time to get back to Mililani where they were having another baptism. We had to leave that one a few minutes early so that we could make it to another baptism. It was in Ewa Beach so Elder Doane and I were both excited to go to that one.(They both served there) So we went down and it actually started late so we just waited for a few minutes. There was one last baptism that we wanted to go to so we got back in the car and headed off. We got there like 2 minutes before it started so it was awesome. We made it to 5 total baptism that day. It was a really neat day. We headed home to eat some dinner and finish up a few other things. Then we had to go back to the airport to pick some people up for president. I think in total we drove 150 miles or something like that. It was a lot whatever it ended up being. It was a good day though and Elder Doane and I were glad that we were able to support so many missionaries at their baptisms.

Sunday 5th - Sundays in the Tongan ward are always good. We didn't have a chance to go to our sacrament because we had to teach a lesson to our investigator Erin. She is doing so well and she is very excited to get baptsied on the 25th. We are excited for her as well because we know it will be a great day for her. So after that we went to sunday school. They have started teaching a new sunday school class in english because so many of the tongans are marrying people speaking english now. It is great though. We have a really good teacher for the class. She does and awesome job and always makes our investigators feel comfortable. Then we went home and got all of the last things put together before the big week.

Well that is pretty much the wrap up of the week. I love you all and hope that you have a good rest of this week

Ofa atu,

Elder Hatch


onlymehere said...

I'm so excited for you with less than 40 days to go now! What a valiant young man you have. Best wishes to you in the days to come!

onlymehere said...

I think Travis would like that if Elder Hatch saw it. Thanks for thinking of him. I take it this Elder (Madeiros? sp)was from Utah then. I've read where your son talked of him and felt so highly about him. How wonderful of you to go to the homecoming! I actually went to a couple's home today the next town over to pick up some things Travis can't fit in his suitcase anymore if he flies out on a transfer. They were in Hawaii for their friends' (a married couple) baptisms and Travis baptized one of the couple (I keep forgetting to ask which). It's a small world. I had a nice chat with her and it was so comforting to hear that Travis is finally feeling better!