Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunday September 12th A taste of Heaven!!!

We were able to attend Elder Medeiros' homecoming on Sunday. He was Zach's companion for 5 months. They served in the office together and did a lot of the administrative stuff for the mission. They are very close. When we arrived at the church Elder Medeiros was standing outside as if he were looking for someone. We got out of the car and he looked at us and said I know exactly who you are. You're the Hatch Batch, with a smile on his face. It was so great to hug him and know that just 3 days prior he had been with Zach. I know why he and Zach have grown so close. His family was so gracious and welcomed us to their ward and thanked us for coming. They then had us sit with their entire family. (A taste of heaven.) Some of them are from Hawaii so they had seen Zach recently as well. Such a wonderful family. Then President and Sister Peterson sat next to us as well. Needless to say we got a bit trunky. It was so surreal being surrounded by people we barely knew but loved them so much. It was difficult to contain our emotions as we felt the spirit so strong and were surrounded by such incredible people. Gary and I both had a very spiritual experience that day and felt so blessed to have had Zach serve a mission. Words couldn't really describe how we felt.

Hatches, Medeiros', and Petersons

Hatches, Elder Medeiros, Petersons

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Joan said...

So happy for you guys...less than a month until you leave to go get him :)