Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week 88 Remember to remove jewelry before trying to board a plane

Alright so this last week was pretty crazy so I will try and recap it the best I can so you can get a feel for how busy we have been.

So Last Monday (June 21) was p-day of sorts. More like p- hours because there was so much to do and so many things that we needed to get ready that we didn't have a whole lot of time to spend just playing around and stuff. So we had to finish our training for Zone Conference, print off the sheets that Sister Peterson needed, put together a few slideshow presentations so that everything would go a lot smoother when we actually started doing the zone conference.

Tuesday (June 22) We got up pretty early and got on a flight for Kauai. This is always our first zone conference and being that it is the first they are always kind of the guinea pig to see how things are going to work for the rest of the mission. So we get there and some of the missionaries had to take their car to the toyota dealership and no one that could drive knew how to get there. Elder Nau, my former companion who serves there, knew how to get there and I pretty much knew how to get there so we jumped in the car together and took off to pick up the other missionaries before zone conferences started. So we got them and headed back to the church just in time for the conference to start. We got it going and we did our training. The training went really well except for the fact that it ended up being like and hour longer than Elder Medeiros and I had planned on. President was ok with it going longer though because he said it was all stuff that the mission needed to hear so we didn't feel so bad. Then Sister Peterson gave her "dying testimony" and it was really good. She shared a good quote with all of the missionaries that I liked. It said, "Don't be sad that your mission is over, just be glad that it ever even happened." I was like wow that is so true. Then President got up there and gave his "dying speech" and man did he have a lot of words for all of those missionaries. He gave them part of the speech that he gives to all of the dying missionaries. It was really good and I took lots of notes because this was the last counsel that I was going to get from president for the next little while. Then it was time to fly back and we get to the airport and I forgot to take off my watch as we went through security and they got all upset and gave me the pat dowm and the little wand test and checked my palms for gun powder and I was like you have got to be kidding me. President and Elder Medeirso were just laughing at me the whole time. It is funny that they did all of that though because the only place you can really fly to from the Kauai Airport is to Honolulu on one of those little island hoppers. I thought the whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

Wednesday (June 23) We had the next zone conference up in Laie and it went really well. I love Laie so much. For some reason this zone conference was a lot harder on me? It was so hard to see president in Laie for the last time. All of the memories that I had of me sitting and talking with him all came back to me and I knew that I was really going to miss him a lot. I had some really deep conversation with him while I served there. It was wierd though because there has been so many changes up there since I have served there. Most of the sisters that I served there with have gone home. It is wierd how fast the time goes and how even when there is a rotation in people the work still goes forward and eveything still works the same. It just goes to show that the work of the Lord is the same eveywhere that you go.

Thursday (June 24) We were headed to the big island today, but we had some minor set backs that were a test of President patients, haha. The flight that we usually left on no longer exsists so, we had to change the time that we flew which got us to Kona a lot later that usual. We usually start zone conference there at 10 but our flight didn't even land until 9:30 and we had an hour drive to Waimea where zone conference would be held. Then as we were driving there we got stuck behind some really slow drivers which made us even later than we already were. It all worked out though so that was good. I had quite a few of my mission friends that I served with over there so it was pretty good to see them all and to be able to spend time with them. This trip was harder for President because he really loves the big island. It was a really good trip though. It was a really fast trip we were only there for a couple of hours and then we flew right back to Oahu. I was so tired at the end of the day. I was drained emotionaly, phyically, and mentally from all of the stress.

Friday (June 25) We flew out to Maui and this zone conference was really special. I have always loved Maui and the spirit that is there. It is so amazing the history that is there. We had a general authority come a little while back when I served on Maui and he told us that I think it was George Q Cannon who was visited by the Savior himself there when he was thinking about giving up on the Hawaiian people because he couldn't understand the language and he couldn't eat the food. Pretty amazing story. Anyway we did the zone conference at the Palehu Chapel which if I am not mistaken was the first chapel in all of the islands. So there is some serious history there as well. Anyway it was really fun to do it in that old chapel where the spirit was so strong. Then at lunch the old tongan ward where I served was in charge of lunch. It was so fun to see so many of them and to feel of their spirit again. I was surprised how well they remembered me. I thought because it had been so long that they wouldn't remember me but they all did. So it was a vey sweet reunion.

Saturday (June 26) We thought that we would be able to do some catching up on a few things today but it turned out that the Lord had a few other plans for us. In the morning we got a call from a companionship of sisters who locked themselves out of their apartment. So we got what we thought were the keys to their pad and drove clear out to Mililani. When we got there the key they had listed as the spare key to their pad but it wasn't. So we called one of the senior couples that are in charge of housing and he called the landlord and was able to get another set that were the correct set. So we drove all the eay back to Honolulu then all the way back to Mililani again. It took forever. We got it unlocked for them and were starting to leave and found out that they locked themselves out again. So we went back and opened it. Then we went to a party that our ward put on and it was insane. It was supposed to be a farewell but it looked more like a wedding it was pretty crazy.
The rest of the week was pretty chill. So that was what happened. I will give you a little tid bit for next weeks email. I had a good last interview with President. Sending President home and so forth. Anyway I love you all and I am grateful for all of you.

Ofa atu


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