Monday, July 5, 2010

Family Update July 5, 2010

Well I thought I would update you on the Hatch Family.

Annie and Steve are looking to buy a house. They are ready for homeownership and the responsibilites that come with that. That way when things break they don't have to wait for the landlord to come and fix it. They are expecting their first child in January the day before Annie's birthday. Needless to say we are all excited about the news.

Maddie is enjoying her summer break from school. She will be heading down to St. George to do an internship in the hospital for 3 weeks. She just got a new bike and she is planning some great mountain rides. She is trying to enjoy her summer before her third year starts. She has some awesome friends and has had many fun summer nights having a good time with them.

Zach is still in Oahu. He is working under a new mission president and is trying to get to know his style of leadership. He is trying to lose some weight before he comes home but it is hard when those islanders feed him so well. He has about 100 days left on his mission and then back to real life.

McKay is loving summer. He is trying to read all the Harry Potter books again to be ready for when the movies come out. He is currently reading the fifth book. So he is well on his way. He plays tennis a couple of times a week and is getting ready to go to scout camp. He will be going to a basketball camp with his cousin Josie. He is still deciding if he wants to play football or not.

Mom and Pops are finally finishing up a 6 month house remodel. It has come to the point of ridding ourselves of things we have collected over the course of our marriage. If it doesn't have a home now it never will. So we are doing some exhausting sorting and cleaning. We get to go to Hawaii to pick up Zach. We weren't going to go but an opportunity came up that we couldn't pass up so we get to fly home with him. It will be awesome to tour the island to see where he has been serving. Other than that we are also enjoying summer and getting some projects done around the house. We are running Zach's lawn business while he is gone. It is a lot of work and we are tired but we hope to keep it going so he has some income when he comes home.

Gracie and Ruby, our dogs, keep us busy as well. Grace is getting old and tired. She has arthritis and doesn't move very well. Ruby is still a puppy and loves to play. She will play any time you sit down. She also loves to chew things up, nothing is safe anymore. They are great pals though and get along really well.

Well that is us in a nutshell. Life is good and we are all well and happy.

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