Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Journey Continues

Hello all,
First let me thank all of you for your love, prayers, and support. We had no idea Gary was so sick. We are so grateful that he is still alive. We could have very easily lost him this weekend. One more day and who knows what the outcome might have been.

He was in ICU from Sunday thru Wednesday. He was then moved to a surgical floor for a day. He has since been moved to PCU (Progressive Care Unit). He had a really good day today. His spirits were up and he was quite positive. He had a few setbacks today but overall things are improving. He isn't mobile yet. He needs lots of support to do anything that requires body movement. But he is able to wiggle his feet, slightly bend his legs, raise his hands over his head, and raise his head.

The best part of his day was taking a shower. I am sure that felt most awesome to him. It took several of us to help him but we were successful. He is eating now and drinks a lot. He is showing a lot of courage and suffering through great amounts of pain to fulfill his PT requirements. He wants to go home! It looks like he may be going to a rehab center before he can come home just because of the stairs in our house. His friend Joel Dall told him he now has an A hole and a B hole. LOL

Please keep praying for him. He feels all of your love. It is going to be months before he is healed fully. I will update you all again in a couple days. You can call him at the hospital if you want to give him some support. Love to all. Mary Ann

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