Saturday, November 6, 2010


It has been several weeks since I have blogged. October was an amazing month. Gary, McKay and I were able to go pick up Zach. We had the privilege of meeting some of the good people he has worked with the past 2 years. It was truly a blessing to see him in that setting. The best news is that all of our children are home again. It has been a long time since we have all of them living in the same city. I love it.

Angela Neumann provided a place for us to call home for the 8 days we were there. She stayed in a beach cottage so we could have use of her home. It was truly a blessing for us to be able to stay in her home and get to know her and her family. The zone leaders from that area also live there, so we were able to see how their schedule. McKay loved being near the Elders and getting to know them. We hope we can repay Angela for her kindness in the near future.

Elder Doane and Elder Moncur were wonderful. They are the mission AP's and allowed us to spend time with them so we could see a little of the workings of the mission. They are very hard working, spiritual young men. Their parents should be proud. We also met the office staff for the mission, the Freemans and the Robins. They welcomed us with open arms and we definately have new friendships with them. President and Sister Dalton were wonderful as well. They shared experiences with us and included us in some very special opportunities while we were there. I know they touched McKay's life for good. We grew to love all of these people.

The Tongan ward was amazing. To hear these saints sing is a testimony in itself. You can really feel their spirit through song. I gave it my best shot singing in Tongan, needless to say I wasn't very good. The spirit in the meeting was strong and good. At the end of the meeting the whole congregation stands to sing aloha oye and then proceed to walk to the front of the building and draped Elder Hatch with leis, hugs, and kisses. It was a very emotional time. They even gave Gary and I leis. We were all a mess. The next night they had a luau BBQ at the park for us. Man there was a lot of food. The ward was so kind as to provide this going away celebration for Zach. We ate, laughed, talked, and they shared experiences they had had with Elder Hatch. It was a marvelous night. We didn't want to leave.

Some of the other tourist things we did: shopping at the swap meet, PCC, snorkeling, body surfing, Laie Temple open house, eating wonderful food, dole plantation, driving around and around the island, sitting on the beach, submarine ride, Pearl Harbor tour, and just enjoying the island spirit.

Life is good. We have been very blessed as a family. Thanks for all your love and prayers over the past 2 years. Now on to new adventures.


Tingeyfam said...

Congratulations to Elder Hatch and family. It's been fun to follow his mission experiences.

Joan said...

We are so happy he is home and for you guys to be altogether again. What happy times for you and your family are in store for you.